Thursday, February 15, 2007

The one with no baby yet???

Relax baby yet. And so we thought, Feb. 14 is not the going to be Francesca Simone's birthdate. Actually, 37 weeks pa lang kasi sya now pero syempre given the history that i had, im expected to come into labor anytime. ive been feeling contractions already since last week. i cant sleep that well. i always wake up in the middle of the night na parang balisa and want to do something. weird nga e.

today, whole day na matigas tummy ko. if i still feel this until later this evening, we might go to the hospital. kasi the pain is tolerable naman. para lang syang humihilab and sumasakit singit sometimes and my back. we're at the mall actually right now, doing some walking para bumaba pa si baby. mahirap kasi mag false alarm eh. pero syempre, if you have any suspicions na, mas okay na yung sigurista than ibale-wala diba??? been eating spicy foods also at baka makatulong. hehehe.

everyone is so excited already. i think im ready. i've been ready for this coz I know God will be with me and my baby. continue to pray for us okay??? i hope my next post will be my birthing story already. hahaha.

belated happy valentine's everyone! it was a usual day for us two. we just went to the mall. we are so busy kasi with the studio and the baby that we did'nt feel like going out and spending big bucks for food. hehehe. kuripot! maybe next time when i'm thinner and up for real food and dining out! :D love you beh!

oh and congratulations to my w@wie friend pinky for giving birth to a healthy baby girl! im sooo proud of you sis for a successful lamaze. i hope id be able to do what you did. God bless you!

Monday, February 12, 2007

The one with updates!!!

It's two days before Vday. i bought simon a gift na. actually, he was with me when we bought it. hehe. it's a reversible polo from Jag. pretty reasonable price kasi sale sya. from P1,300 to P500. nice! and it's pink! hahaha.

we're also two days from the possibility of going to labor. yey! God is good. everything is fine with baby simone and me. i just had my check up last friday and baby is in position already. OB advised me to walk often since matagal labor pag first baby usually. been feeling contractions already and pananakit ng balakang. we even had two false alarms. hahaha. sobrang excited na kasi kme eh. and we're praying na sana this week na nga so we can see her already and be with her na. we checked out the rooms in medical city and found out about the Lamaze room that's cheaper than the birthing suite. we'll get that na lang instead since it offers the same benefit of privacy and being with your husband during labor and delivery. yey! anyway, that's the only gastos we have to worry since covered naman sya ng company namin.

i dont know tuloy where to be excited most kasi super dami change of events now sa life. hahaha.

Studio 22 is still in progress. We thank God for financial provision He has set and we know that everything will be alright, just as long as we offer it to Him. aside from it being a music studio, we have other services that we want to offer so it can have its own 'edge'. watch out for it as we build a new website (blog) for it and promotional activities. it's kinda hard having to do two or three things at the same time. we're pretty much juggling on the studio, waiting for our baby and adjustments now that we'll have a yaya very soon. plus we're also considering of transferring to a bigger home. Only God knows kung tuloy yun. pero everything is good. we are enjoying every minute of running errands. buti na lang pinaglalakad nako ng madalas ng OB ko and di naman ako napapagod kasi sinasamahan ko lang si simon. hihihi.

continue to pray for us. we are offering everything to God and we pray for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby simone! :D

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The one with the LOVE month

happy first day of february!!! so many reasons to celebrate love this month and everyday!

1. we are expecting our baby simone SOON. :) baka tumapat pa daw ng feb. 14. hehe.
2. we will be celebrating our 9th year as boyfriend and girlfriend. yeah, we still celebrate those...actually, kahit monthsaries pinapatulan namin. hehe. good thing, same ang date ng bf-gf and wedding date namin. :)
3. we will be shopping for baby simone's things na tomorrow!Yipee! pwede na me lumabas. sana makapag-pictorial pa kme some other day, makahabol man lang. :)
4. simon is one of the recording artists in an album na ipoproduce ng GMA employees. the inspiratrional album is a project of GMA Christian group wherein copies will be given to all GMA artists and employees. kakatuwa that God gave him a good opportunity to share.
5. we are venturing into a business this month and we pray that it will br fruitful and successful. It's a music studio, rehearsal and recording. Watch out for more developments to come.

sabi nga nila, swerte daw pag may baby. ang sabi naman namin, blessings will flow pag may baby. God is good. :D


nakakatuwa mga families namin. sa super excited nila, magugulat na lang kme at pag uwi nila eh may pasalubong na sila for simone. hahaha. super excited na daw kasi sila eh. hehehe. kaya naman tong anak ko eh super tuwang-tuwa din.


im on my 36th week na. and mabigat na sya super. nangangawit na lagi ang likod ko and i always ask simon to rub my back sa gabi para makatulog ako. simone always kicks my rib parts kaya mejo masakit. parang naghahanap na sya ng pwesto nya pababa kaya yung feet nya tumatama sa ribs ko. ouchie! pero ok lang. hihi.


congratulations to chris and merci for your upcoming wedding on dec. 23!


last night, akala namin na time na. kasi bigla sumakit tyan ko for no reason at all and feeling ko najejebs me and nagugutom at the same time. ang weird! after i ate crackers and water, tinulog ko na lang. sabi ko, pag sumakit uli siguro time na nga...hahaha. eh hindi naman na sumakit.