Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The one with mag-ama

Here's one of her latest pictures together with her dad. of course, the ever mommy took this picture and you know what made her smile? "Deal or No Deal!" hahaha. as in everytime sasabihin ko yun, lagi tumatawa. i think it's with how i say it, not on the exact words if naman naiintindihan nya ang Deal or No Deal?! hahaha.

Dad and Simone smiling
sayang lang nga, walang shirt ang daddy! haha. pero can you see her gretchen baretto birthmark?! cute noh!? she has everything i wanted, dimples on both cheeks, cleft chin, and the tweetie de leon dimples (di lang ata halata dyan kasi lo-res pic)

here's another one just before she turned 4 months. dami may gusto nito coz terno sila naka-red. hehehe.

Dad and simone2
Simon holding the wondering red cow...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The one with 2nd trimester

Simone has entered her second trimester already. At 4 months, she's close to 15lbs, and height is 73cm. duringher last check-up, her pedia told us that she's growing more in height rather than weight now, but she still gained weight, mas obvious lang yung sa height kaya mukha rin syang pumayat. hehe.

at four months, when nakadapa, she can lift her head at 90 deg. and turn from one side to the other. she can support her body with her arms. when lying down, she loves to kick and bend her legs in a semi "indian seat" position, meeting both soles of feet. kaya feeling namin malapit na umabot yung feet nya sa mouth nya. hahaha.

she always holds her two hands together, as in pag nagdedede, pag tulog, laging prim and proper na magkahawak ang kamay, parang nagpe-pray. haha. she always watches us when we eat and everytime she sees us, parang nagtatakam. according to the book What to expect the first year, it's an initial sign that she will soon would want to eat solid foods na. awwww, my baby eating solids na. hahaha. siguro not in another 2 months pa.

i still breastfeed specially at night. since she sleeps beside us, it's easy for me to breastfeed her. i just lift my shirt when it's time and we can both sleep na rin agad after feeding.

she looovveeesss to smile and make pa-cute specially in the morning. super pa-cute talaga! hindi sya yung paggising iyak, sya as in didilat lang ng eyes then smile na kung sinong kausap nya. she loves to talk even if we can't understand her. as in, dami nya ng sounds na alam.

haaayyy...the gift of God talaga, ang galing! pictures to follow promise!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The one with OMG!

Oh My Gosh!!! i cannot believe it!!! after 2 months of no blogging coz i forgot my password (blame it on the anesthesia), i finally got back here!!! yahoo!!! i just signed up under the google account! im soooo happy!!!

super namiss ko blogging. i've tried multiply already. well, di naman sila totally magka-level ng blog so i'll still go there and update! yahoo!!!

i'am super back and would love to share pictures of our baby simone and our adventures on parenting...wohoo!!!