Monday, April 23, 2012

The one with Israel Houghton

It was...surreal.  I thought of these words like when Hugh Grant saw Julia Roberts in Notting Hill.  And it really was surreal.  Seeing him and watching his concert here in Manila last April 21 was one of the highlights of my week.  It was as if I saw a celebrity and i was star-struck.  Their music was just awesome and inspiring.  It was moving in a way that they can only perform.  God has really gifted this man one heck of a talent.

The dj with them was so good in mixing everything together, but planet shaker's sound tech was better.  Good thing their musicality was so unique, nothing can be compromised and everything was just so worth it.

Until now, i'm still lost for words and just so blessed to have been able to watch it. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The one with rat control

We recently bought a pest shield equipment we found at SM department store.  I'am so bugged with the houserats that kept going in our house because they have found a hole or a drainage maybe that we can't get thru in (so we'd be able to cover it) because it's behind a cabinet.  i hate those rats! eeky i know but i only found one small and one medium-sized one. eewww!!! anyway, the pest shield is supposed to shoo them away because of the vibration it emits. so far, we plugged the shield for four days now and i have'nt seen the two rats again.  They've destroyed a part of the kitchen door as well since the kitchen door didnt have a kick plate, the rat was able to mu

Friday, April 06, 2012

The one with another good find

I got a good 100USD from my paypal and as you may all know, my paypal money goes directly to any item of my liking, be it a practical buy or a luxury, and this time i spent on the latter. hehe.

LV Malletier vintage wristbag

I got excited when i found this and i know i can't let it go immediately.  I thought about it for two weeks and prayed if it's ok to buy one.  When i saw my pay went thru paypal already, that's when i decided to buy it. yey! i love it coz it's so vintage. I'm not so much of the monogram design but it has been well-preserved, that's why i think it's really a good buy.

well, my husband would never understand...i'm just glad he learned to accept that side of me.  And i don't have a fetish, so starting to collect some of these is actually, in a way, fulfilling :) hihihi....

The one with school party

 Simone with BFF Aliya

 cake and cupcakes from sugarbox; cookie pops by sweetbite

The good thing about holding a school party is that you're sure of the attendance because it's a school day and all her classmates are there.  It's practical if you dont want an all-out party but at the same time make your kid special because you still had a party with friends she know.  I just hired a balloon twister as an entertainment and ordered cake and cupcakes (oh by the way it's a gift, haha)

happy bday again simone! we love you anak!

The one with Simone's 5th bday pics

These are some of the pics we took from Simone's 5th bday celeb. :) Thank you tita jane for the wonderful cake. We hope you had a great time :)

The one with picture match

Simone loves to take pictures and one time, we had a great time with our ipad pictorial:

Look alike right? hahaha.

The one with magician's hat

One time, Simone was answering her assignments.  There was this page about clothes you wear on different kinds of weather.  Here's the page:

She got everything right: raincoat, cap, boots, umbrella, and jacket.  When i asked what the black hat is for, she exclaimed: "For magic show!!! because it's a magician's hat!" hahaha. LOL!

This is what you get when you are a party planner's kiddo! :)