Monday, April 08, 2013

The one with Gumbo night

We are into trying out new restaurants these days.  You'd be surprised to see that the restaurants that you think are pricey have reasonable rates too.  Rather than eating in the usual restaurants we go to, we want our dining experience to be more exciting.  Last night, we went to Gumbo. ive eaten here before but not really often.  And best of all, they have  a promo.  Buy one, take one on main entrees, pasta, pizza, salads. (everything except appetizers) soo happy! we ordered USDA steak and chicken. With 495, you get to enjoy this along with two side dishes.  so technically, it's like ordering one entree for half the price. :)

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The one with saving up

One thing I'm proud of my mom is how she taught us how to save, even in small things.  I realize that all of us siblings store this big bottle of water where we put coins in there whenever we come home from work.  I saw my brother's water bottle money banks and i got so excited that we have the same "banks".  I taught Simone this habit of putting extra money in coin banks, and i can see that she has gotten used to it already. :)

The one with holy week 2013

I had a very meaningful and fun holy week this year.  Simon took the rest of his paternity leave and started his vacation since Monday.  It was one whole week of family time.  We checked in at Linden Suites on a Maundy Thursday, then enjoyed our swimming, breakfast in the morning.  Then I also had a good girl time with several church mates.  We had so much fun talking about love life, family, our concerns.  It feels refreshed to be updated with each other's lives.  Then Saturday, we went to see a movie of John Lloyd and Sarah's. really really fun! and of course, Sunday is easter sunday! thank you Lord for everything.  before the holiday started, i also tried to complete my SSS requirements and SSS replacement. I'm so happy I was able to finish it, i wanted to check if i can also find online print solutions at but did'nt find any. Was trying to check if i can actually make some brochures if ever for Partyboosters.

Productive. fun. memorable. = holy week 2013  

The one with newsletter

So while having coffee with my friend Naan, we talked about he new job, my business, our new business ventures, and strategies or marketing techniques that we can do.  Since she's currently employed to an online company, she suggested a website where i can have make a newsletter of partyboosters. It's We tried going to the site and i'm impressed. I might really want to try it and maybe it will be lie a brochure printing online too. :)