Monday, October 31, 2005

The one with DIYers

It is always nice when you have Do-it-yourself stuff for your wedding...but what's nicer if you do it with your love-ones... one of my bestest friend said, "what a way to spend a perfect sunday afternoon..." haha.

we spent our day designing fans we'd give out for our guests (in case mainitan sila) originally, i wanted it to be just white...but since jannet, naan, and jill volunteered to help me out...what the heck! we played with the fans! i called it an "express yourself" right or wrong design, no rules, no standards, just design it the way you feel like it. and boy we had so much fun! as in, kaka-addict! my mom and i bought 60pcs. and we were able to finish 40pcs in just one afternoon! cool! my friend jannet even brought some home and she stayed until 11am just to finish it. haha, addict!!! then, kanina jill was asking me if we still have to make some more...galing! im really having so much fun preparing for the wedding esp. when i have my friends to share my excitement with. not to mention, my mom also designed some. hihihi... :)

Jac's pics Ü(539)
some of our master pieces..yey! nice, dont you think?

Jac's pics Ü(536)
party poppers for our exit...i hope this is enough na. sayang din kc eh. hehe.

Jac's pics Ü(535)
pang design sa basket na lalagyan ng paraphernalia

ritz and i went for an "oceanic shopping" last wednesday. i bought na a pearl-finish box for the coins (until now, still dont know if i want the unity coins) and for the rings. cute, both boxes are heart-shaped, different styles with rhinestones on it. i also bought a cake slicer from which i will design it na lang and a christening cross for my bestfriend's cute baby, keisha! i also bought 5 heart-shaped pill boxes that are so cute. pang-gift cguro. ka-addict mamili sa oceanic, sale kc eh.

Jac's pics Ü(533)

Jac's pics Ü(534)
ang cute noh?!

we still have a lot to do for the wedding and now that it's bakasyon, sana may ma-accomplish kme.

Jac's pics Ü(545)
our bible...cost me something but it's all worth it.

Friday, October 28, 2005

The one with they eyebags

grabe!!! ang sleeping hours ko lang everyday is 4 hours and nanggagalit na mga eyebags ko! waah!! but thank God tapos na presentation ko. oh well, may mga revisions pero okay lang. at least, they like the idea. next week meron ulit pero mejo nakapag-start nako dun so sana hindi na masyado puyat. back to wedding preps ulit me!!! yahoo!! ive so many kwentos, dont know lang where to start. hehe.

54 days na lang po kme! grabe nato!! really have to double time everything! went to divi last saturday (bday of my mom) bought party poppers, fans, beads, etc. etc. post ko pics later. went to the Longest empty buffet...ever! worst talaga! wasnt even able to enter eastwood sa sobrang traffic and dami ng tao. my mom just texted me and sabi nya wala na daw food so uwi na lang kme. buti na lang, galing kme sa wedding nun before eastwood. at least nakakain ng konti.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The one with the license

Finally...we were able to file na our marriage license. yahoo! we attended the pre-marriage counselling that lasted for an hour and a half. then, had a 10-minute break where we ate junk food and sarsi. (hehe, we had no choice, that's the only food sa munisipyo) then attended the family planning seminar. in fairness, i learned a lot esp at the family planning coz i really dont have an idea about contraceptive methods, except for the things i learned from high school which was ages ago. hehe. and after that, i paid P350 while simon was filling up the form. and voila...we can claim our license on nov. 2! yey!

i bought na rin our Bible for the wedding. it's a Bride's Bible, cost me P1600 but i think it's worth it since i can use it naman na as my personal bible na rin which will put more special meaning to it since i'll start a new life, might as well own a new Bible. :)

what else...oh last night, we met up with our friends coz it's naan's birthday. it was a simple dinner but we sure did have some fun! lam mo yung we were so sleepy na but no one would want to go home. hehe. we're all neighbors pero we rarely see each other. kaloka lang when naan told us na "ano ba kayo, ilang buwan na lang si jacque sa greenpark, kelan ba tayo meet ulit?" as in what?! gulat ako and napa-emote lang. hehe. two months na lang ako sa house namin....haaayyy!!!

Happy birthday ate norene and evah!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

The one with the best chicken curry

Last night, we were blessed to have been invited over dinner with two of our godparents, Pastor Super and Tita Tetess. we started at 530 pm, kwento-kwento about our preparations. excited as i always am, tuwang-tuwa sila at we're almost done with the preparations and that we look like we're having so much fun preparing for the wedding. also, they were delighted to know that we are spending for the wedding and that they feel that it's a nice gesture to prove to our parents that we can stand on our own.

Above everything else, we learned so many things. everytime they spoke, napapa-smile lang kme ni simon and stared at each other. both in our minds we were thinking that we made the right decision of getting them. we are blessed with wonderful godparents, people that we really know and whom we see God's grace in their lives. some of the things i remembered were:

1. We choose the lifestyle we want. whether material or immaterial, dapat pag uusapan talaga natin with our h2b the life that we want to live when we start our family. people who get married do not take this seriously kc feeling nila, walang magbabago at ganun pa rin. yes, it may still be the same...pero since you will be one flesh, you have to live life in accordance to what you both want and what God wants for you.

2. Tayong mga girls are the missing rib of our in! They will not admit this, pero we complete them. We are the one who is responsible for making them who they are, kung magiging responsible father ba sila or husband. We should take heed and let them take the headship. No matter how dominant we are, we should let them take over. Our responsibility is to pray for them...pray for them, and be their shield.

3. The only responsibility of the wife is to submit...Husband if in gravest situation can give his own life for his in, pwede silang magpakamatay for us. biblical daw eh, that i have to check. pero pastor yun nagsabi eh, so im sure, nasa Bible nga yun. hehe.

On Nov. 20, they will throw a "shower-blessing party" for us. all our godparents in the church including our parents will write their blessings for us and give it to us and release us. we won;t have the luxury of time to do it on our weding ceremony that's why dun na nila gagawin. super excited ako dun.

Oh and the chicken curry is the best!!! grabe, until now, mouth-watering pa rin sya. haha.. yummy!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The one with "oh, that hurts!"

Our manicurist did my nails last sunday and my big toe got really swollen three days after. bad trip! now, im just at home, di maka-alis for preps...although i've so much to do here sa bahay so, okay lang. hehe. para maiba naman ang weekend at mag stay lang sa house. so, what happened over the week???hmmm...nothing much, my bestfriend gave birth to a little and healthy baby girl, Keisha. my w@wie friend got married na...Yna and Xean! yahoo! i'd have to work this weekend to finish my marketing plan...huhuhu..we went to Galleria last night and had dinner with the Jacelas, Doc Bob and Ma'am Mares...our ninong ang ninang. had so much fun talking about our wedding and their wedding years before...we got to compare how much time has evolved wedding preparations and how different it was before...(read:Betamax for your video...hehehe) we were also with Ariel anf Yna who got them as godparents also. :)

re wedding preps???hmmm...none so much except that i got news from my officemate that we have a corporate account in Diamond Hotel! yipee! at least mapapamura me ng konti! yey! also, my friend Shiela who works in Richmonde naman told me she's gonna give me one room for us ni simon..yey! ulit! hehe. thank you Lord for the blessings.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The one with taking down notes

We met up with our coordinator turned friend, Clarice last night at Starbucks in Shangri-la. syempre, masaya. bilin ni simon and i quote, "beh, straight to the point muna ha before ang chikahan" hahaha. and we did just that. sya nga itong patawa ng patawa kaya di kme dere-derecho sa meeting. simon liked how the meeting went. as in, he was impressed of how good clarice is. ang Pro daw, she gave us a rundown of the wedding requirements, the ceremony and the reception. after two hours of checking statuses, scheduling this and that...we're done with the 2-hour meeting. katawa lang coz i kept on taking down notes. my goodness, sakit ko to. i always have a small notebook with me or ballpen, para when i want to write something, i wont forget it. kaya ayun, when i was writing notes about our meeting, sabi ni clarice "sana wag na mag take down notes diba kc nawawalan ng saysay ang pagiging coordinator ko" sabay tawa...hahaha.loka-loka talaga yun. so i stopped na lang, and asked for a copy of the minutes ng meeting esp the reception program. hahaha, ganun din.

Glad that 80% naman of what she asked me eh taken cared of na (i hope!) and unti na lang ang mga bilin nya. here's what i remembered (since bawal mag notes! haha):
1. AVP pics
2. MTV shoot should be 7 mins or less
3. last meeting with caterer kasama dapat sya
4. finalize invites on Oct. 14. pero sana kahit 21 na lang.
5. email the wedding ceremony, edited version
6. hotel reservations

yan lang ata...the rest wala naman sya na pinakulit. buti na lang. ako lang ang nangungulit sa sarili ko. hahaha.

sa tingin mo lang, can we finish preparing for the wedding before November ends? hmmmm..let's wait and see

Monday, October 10, 2005

The one with the house quest...again

And so we we have to find a place again where we can stay...haaayy! super excited pa naman kme sana. yesterday, simon broke the news that the tenants currently living in the house asked for an extension until march of next year. huhuhu...our ninang naman gave in to their request since they're dear to them as well. haaayy! okay lang. we'll look muna for a place to rent while waiting for the house. eto namang mga parents ko, mega offer pa rin ng house namin for us to stay in. not that i don't want to live with them anymore, super excited lang ako na bumukod with simon. hehe.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The one with panic buying

Took a leave today expecting that we can finish our application for our marriage license. unfortunately, wednesday is the only pre-marriage counseling day sa cainta municipal hall. tsk, tsk. rather than be irritated about it, we spent the rest of the day shopping for our wedding stuff. yipee, we were able to buy the ff (in chronological order):

Simon's barong - Even before pa, Simon wanted his barong sa Exclusively His na talaga. i showed him some samples of mang rey's pina fabrics, and hindi nya nagustuhan so we still ended up with Exclusively His. happy naman kme because their designs and material are more pino and ganda ng pina. we got the Piña raya embro. ang gwapo ng simon ko. hehe. Chinese collar, half-open. all for P5,800 with camisa chino.
simon's barong-front

simon's barong-back

My wedding shoes - after the barong, we had our lunch na sa megamall and then went off to look for shoes for me and pants for simon. grabe, of all the stores we went to...babagsak din lang pala ako sa SM department store. haha. but the shoes are really nice, as in! i love the design. unique, simple pero rock! and the fit is ok. sarap din maglakad sa shoes na nabili ko. it's a shantung fabric, with 3 rhinestones, ankle-sling back na pa-twirl sa paa ko, or something like that. ang sexy sa paa. all for P600 pesos! good buy, dont you think?

my wedding shoes

wedding shoes

Simon's pants - since we're in the dept. store na, we looked for pants na rin for him. we initially wanted G2000 na lang, kaya lang di ako masyado kampante sa fit sa dulo ng pants. mga pants nya naman eh Chancellor 9000, so yun na rin ang nibili namin. the material is nice, soft ang bagsak and makapal, plus wrinkle-free ekek. P900 pesos lang. :) we had it altered na rin dun for P35 only.

pants and belt

Simon's belt - bought it at Mc Jim, reversible belt for P450 only. hehe. bargains!

Unity candle - finally, i got hold of our unity candle already and i started making teh design last night. wanted to finish it agad kaya lang wala pa time eh. pero ang design nya is puro colored beads pa rin, pink and gold, then may swarovski as accents sa design. hehe.

Honeymoon tickets - we have our tickets na to Boracay!!! yipee. we availed the PAL smiles of my officemate and he said it's up to us na lang how much we want to pay for it since wala rin naman sya gastos dun. sabi ng iba kong ofcmate, give him 4k for everything, 2 round trip tickets, Manila - Kalibo. about the resort, papa-help na lang kme sa sales rep. namin sa office who is assigned there. we're so excited, naghahanap nako ng swimsuit. oh and i hope matupad dream ko makapag-wear ng 2pc. (haha, baka bumaha sa bora bigla!)

House - yipee again! one of our ninangs, suprisingly paid us a visit dito sa manila. kc nasa canada na sila, and very timely naman that the house that they used to live in, aalis na yung tenants dun so she offered the house to us at an "inaanak" presyo. 2 storey house, 3 bedrooms, with garage...all for 5k! galing noh!? the apartments that we find usu. is mga 3,500 pero room lang talaga yun, so feeling namin good deal na yung 5k for a house. plus, we dont mind if it's a little farther kc free na naman gas ko by next year eh.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The one with the First

yipee...first time ko nakita sarili ko sa newspaper...and thank God it's not in the front page...

thanks to marbee for a very wonderful issue of About Weddings (and for all the emails we've been exchanging)...thanks to Benz and John for a very nice write-up. I miss the EB in! when i saw the article, naalala ko lahat ng mga happenings nung night na yun...saya talaga! oh well...kakamiss lang...

cover page (love the diving couples)

here are bits and pieces of the pictures...
huli ka! hehe

class pic with a little of me eating a donut! yummy!

the other half of the pic... :)

you can go to for more stories about the EB!

The one with more pictures

Gutom na gutom nako...pero i've not yet eaten anything since lunch kasi gusto ko muna matapos ang resizing and uploading of the pics. katuwa... to my friends, you can view our studio pre-nups at

haayy...di ko na ma-upload dito sa blog as it will eat up more space...pero will try to make a flickr digest na lang.

happy picture-picture!


hmm....what happened during the week? nothing much except for the pictorial, work pa rin and our dinner with 2 of our principal sponsors, pastor bong and sis. gina. grabe, after the dinner (na late ako ng 1 hour! kahiya tlga!) i told simon na super i see ourselves sa kanila. yung feeling namin when we get older...ganun kame, parang sila. as in! Ninang Gina kasi is the typical modern Filipina...strong, frank, independent woman. Pastor Bong naman is quiet, wise, modest and has humor din. and parang ganun kme eh. when they told us about a story na natakot daw si pastor bong sa aso and he hid himseld behind ninag gina...hahaha...natawa talaga kme, kc ganun din si simon sa ken.

there are really times na ako yung nagba-baby and most of the time ako yung baby sa amin dalawa. when i asked him last night over dinner, "beh, sino ang lagi na pa-baby sa atin?" and it took us a while before we reached to an answer...pareho lang.

im still uploading pics right now...