Sunday, November 30, 2008

The one with sick

Simone got sick last week. She caught really bad colds that lasted for a week. And i used to brag about her not getting colds because of how effective her vitamin is. hehe. But with the kind of weather we've been having these days, no one can get pass thru a month without catching a virus. But she's better now. She lost weight but she gained it back immediately. The colds apparently turned into an ear infection. I was a floating head for the past week. I could'nt concentrate well but praise God I was able to deliver the dress ups i made for my clients and they understood me naman for any mishap if there were any. hay. I did'nt even need an appetite suppressant coz i could'nt afford to eat well and all i could think of was simone. When her pedia gave her the antibiotics, she was back on her feet in an instant. It's as if we switched her on and she's back to her perky mood. I love you baby! Mommy will forever freak out when you get sick so please dont get sick anymore! hehe. I'm just so proud of my baby that she drinks her medicines like how an adult does. as in, we just talked her into drinking her meds straight up and that's it, she will hold her cup and drink. winner!

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