Thursday, March 15, 2012

The one with a booboo

Gawd, i really hate it when my kiddo gets hurt, moreso if it's an accident i could have prevented. She was sleeping on our sofa and while asleep, she peed.  I checked on her, removed her PJs and stood up to get a new one from her cabinet and seconds later, she rolled and bumped her head big time. Man, i was trying to be calm but deep inside i was big time in a panic mode. I felt her head and the bump was soo big, it's her biggest ever.  You could actually feel it getting bigger and bigger from the swelling.  She did'nt stop crying and that made me decide to bring her to a nearby hospital.  When we were there, she stopped crying and it was like she felt better instantly or maybe she got scared of the hospital so she tried her best to be okay.  Doctor asked for a skull xray just for our peace of mind and gave us a list of what to observe for the next 48 hours.  Manila East Doctors Hospital is quite good.  I did'nt expect they'd give me a list.  They were so detailed in explaining everything to me, one by one and I appreciated it.  Although to tell you frankly, the "what to observe" items got me nervous.  Imagine, convulsion and vomitting and fever?! oh my!

Praise God she's okay now.  I can still feel her bump at the back of her head but she says she's better now.

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