Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The one with skin asthma

I've been out of the loop for quite some time mainly because my kid has been sick and i still can't figure out how we'd cope with her new condition.  Her allergic rhinitis has evolved to skin asthma now.  Our lives took a 180-degree turn when we had to change our lifestyles just so we could recover and adapt to her skin asthma.  My only prayer is that she outgrows this when she gets older.  I also pray that she won't blame me for a scar or a rough patch of skin on her body or blame her dad for the genes where she got the allergic rhinitis.

It's like we have a new baby.  When Dra Lucena told us to eliminate all factors that might trigger her skin asthma, i did'nt realize that it was a drastic change until i bought a shampoo for her, the Mustela baby shampoo that cost me 500 pesos for a small bottle.  And i told myself, "oh my, this feels like i have a baby again".  Here are other things we changed, hopefully you'll pick up tips and learnings here

~ No to chocolates.  The chocolate content itself is the one thing we have to avoid.  Not because it's sweet but because it's chocolate.  Meaning, she can still have other sweet goodies, but not so much

~ No to oily foods like fried chicken.  maybe once in a while but we have to drain the oil very well or don't put breading on the meat

~ No to chicken.  Well apparently, since Simone has been chicken lover from the start, i think she has been immuned to this already but we're crossing this out in the meantime from her menu or lessening the intake just so we can make sure it does'nt go back.

~ No to clothes being sent to laundry stores. waah. good thing we have a new helper but when my pedia told me to stop bringing her clothes to the laundry and make sure we handwash it and have it sun-dried, oh my goodness!

~ No to dust.  This is quite hard as you see we live in a tropical country where dust thrives everywhere.  Our house may be clean but it's not spic and span.  We even have to control whre the fan will be steadied so as not to dust off particles.  If i hear her sneeze,i have to look for what it is that made her sneezed and eliminate it immediately.

~ No to perfumes, colognes.  This kinda made me sad a little as we love colognes.  We love putting colognes, it makes us feel fresh but it's a big no. hmp!

~ No to egg. This is what she ate that made all her rashes appeared, on her arms, and legs.

~ Moisturizing is the key.  This should be easy but i was not used to putting lotion on simone.  I stopped applying lotion when she was 1year old.  But now, after taking a bath, i have to moisturize so her skin wont get dry and she won't itch. waaah.

Here are her new bath and body items:
~ Mustela baby shampoo - 500 pesos
~ Oilatum soap - 150 pesos i think
~ Cetaphil body cleanser - 400 pesos i think
~ Cetaphil Restoraderm body wash and lotion
~ Physiogel AI lotion when she has rough and itchy patches
~ Cutivate cream only when it's really itchy. It's a steroid cream
~ Dove unscented body soap

These are the only things we can put on her that's safe and effective.  Thank God she does'nt have rashes anymore.  Hopefully, the rough skin will soon be gone too.

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