Friday, August 31, 2007

The one with the life ahead

One of the forms of our security is an insurance and now that we have a baby, it is very important that we secure our lives in order to secure hers as well. A way to do that is to get a term life insurance which guarantees to protect our family in the most unexpected moments. We need assurances, nothing can ever be permanent in this life and by applying an insurance, it is good to know that we are using our money to a good worth and cause.

To get a good deal for your insurance, compare those who give you offers and compute the better deal. Look for the offer which can cover the most number of benefits for you and your family. Both our parents work for insurance companies and according to them, it makes them feel good to help people realize the need for it, it's as if they're helping them to secure their lives. Of course, we offer everything to God and one way to do that is to put our hard-earned money in the best place it should ever be.

The one with decluttering

Ever since Simon and I got married, our trips to the mall will always include window shopping of home furniture. We are not interior designers and we definitely don't have the space to execute the dream house we've wanted -- as of now. But looking at the different kinds and styles of furnitures inspire us to work harder and better to achieve the dream home we've always wanted.

I just semi-decluttered our things to give way for Simone's new things and to prepare myself for the garage sale we just did last weekend. man! we have a lot of not-so-important things in the house that a garage sale is the only solution to it.(so i can have a reason to replace my old stuff)

Here are some things we wanted to have if we have the extra bucks: We love to have a new king-size bed, a bath tub, and a house with a roof top where we can have parties and 2 Lazy Boys just for us. hahaha, yeah right?!

oh well, by faith, i know we can have that dream home someday...

The one with a vacation

Now that i've decided to move forward with my life and take the plunge of the more 'domesticated' life i've always wanted, i made a list of what i dream about a more laid-back life, and one of them is a New York Bed and Breakfast. I have'nt been to New York and knowing that amidst the hustles and bustles of the city life, there is still a part of the city where tourists can see stunning mountains, and quiet lakes. Two of the featured bed and breakfasts i read are in Woodstock New York and Saratoga New York. I'm sure the list of activities you can do there is endless and it will be a very exciting experience should...I just hope we have the budget to make it a reality.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The one with a triple celebration

Three special dates on our lives - 20th, my first birthday as a mom (28 btw); 21st, Simone's 6th month birthday and 22nd, our 1 year and 8th monthsary. haha, yeah we still celebrate that, why not?!

anyway, we were supposed to just check in since it's a long vacation. but since we also wanted our families to be there with us to celebrate the triple treat,we invited them to join us at Richmonde Hotel. nope, we're not that rich to pay for their hotel meals. what we did, we got a big room, 2br suite and prepared pasta and a viand good for 20+ people. my family, simon's and our bestest friends. we arrived at 3pm but we were able to check in at 5pm :( although, they gave us a temporary room since we were with simone, she might want to rest first. true enough, as soon as we entered the wash-up room, simone rolled and rolled in the bed. as if it were hers. hahaha. kakatuwa talaga! and she was all-smiles coz she was so happy staying in a hotel. my baby, royalty fits her. hahaha.

anyway, visitors came it at 530pm...and we had a food trip! my SIL brought tacos and salad, my friends brought desserts, my mom brought afritada as the main viand and I of course, prepared the bestseller dish of the day. haha. i cooked two kinds of pasta. seafood pesto and sun-dried tomato pasta! yummy! promise, they loved it. and it was my first time to cook such. madali lang pala. hahaha.

after eating, simon showed them the AVP he made... Simone's first months. nakaktuwa as all of them were like "awww", and "aaahhh". hahaha. tuwang-tuwa kay simone. she has always been the center of attention since she was born and she loves it. mana sa ken, papansin. hehe.

they left at around 10pm. my mom, yaya tin, and SIL skokie stayed for the night. syempre, kami ni simon stayed on the bigger room. Simone and mom stayed on the other room. in the morning, they woke us up at around 6am with donuts and candles lit up and bday song sang for me. :) after that, we slept again. hahaha.

we had breakfast around 8am. i wore simone on a sling which she loved. kakatuwa! then, we went for a swim, had a steam and sauna bath after. sarap, this is Life! hahaha.

we went home around 3pm and watched pa a last full show of Rush Hour 3. man, i cant stand last full shows anymore. i think i slept for like 3 times during the movie. bwehehe. well, the movie was not that good as well.

here are some pictures...

mommy wearing me
i love my sling!

Triple celebration 038
close-up family pic

i love my sling
Breakfast on a sling

ang cute namin ni daddy
daddy and daughter look-alike

first elevator hotel
the blue family in an elevator

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The one with Simone at 5 months

She has unique and 'nintelligible' syllables already. when she cries, she goes like this, "aaahhh hooooo mummmmuuumaaaamamama" or "ahh hooo bababababa" we dont know if we can't count it as 'real' syllables already pero nakakaaliw lang. she now crawls forward, hahaha. dati kasi paatras lang e. she rolls endlessly and cries when she can't roll anymore coz she has reached the other side of the bed. haha. she's getting to look more and more like her dad. she always, always eats her hand, or lampin, or her dress, or whatever she can get hold on to. pag matagal na, we will take it off her mouth na kasi baka naman mamaga na gums nya. we let her thumbsuck or handsuck naman kasi we know she's exploring parts of her body so it's a good sign, but not overdo it. she touches her pipay for reasons we dont know, we assume she's exploring pa rin. when she's not wearing socks, she rubs her feet together, a sign of her foot fettish she got from her dad. hay naku, another one to crumple the bed sheet. the other night lang, nakita ko si simone rubbing her feet sa towel! oh no! manang-mana sa daddy! simon kasi. just to get a good sleep, would always, take off part of his bed sheet and rubs his feet sa mattress covering the foam which is a little magaspang. haaayyy... mana-mana lang yan.

here are some of her pictures. :)

she looks like a big girl na diba?!

with mommy just woke up2
one morning, we just cant get out of bed...

look at me sit up
simone sitting down...see how her foot is rubbed on my pants?!

gums showing
all-gums smile

love daddy's chest
sarap humiga kay daddy...

The one with one more month

In my previous post, I was supposed to have my exit interview with our GM. I talked to him last week with the intention to gracefully leave the company. He was honest enough to tell me everything and to ask me to give my new position a try. For one month, we will see if everything will work better.

Honestly, I had a mix of emotions about the decision of accepting it. I respect my boss and I did it because he's my boss. so much so, he's like a dad to me. BUT, my mind was really set on doing the things id love to do. at the back of my mind, i was thinking the plans i set and the goals i want to achieve, provided that i'am not employed anymore. On the other hand, I was happy not to leave my friends, have a stable job, and get to enjoy the benefits it offers.

I will still pray for everything and hopefully, everything will be alright and will be according to God's will.

The one with a first gimmick

Last friday, Simon had a concert which he directed. it's a concert of Larrie Ilaga, a Papuri singer-friend. the concert was held at Greenhills Christian Fellowship. the only regret i had was not inviting our friends to watch it. ang ganda eh and inspirational, sayang. ewan ko ba?! di namin naisip pareho e. na-realize ko na lang 30 minutes before the show. haaayyy..anyway, it was a blast. his bandmates were good and larrie's performance was great. the lower part of the auditorium was filled up. and the highlight of it all was when Jungee Marcelo, a known figure in music industry and mentor of Larrie Ilagan, approached them and commended their performance. ang asawa ko, kilig na kilig. haha. he even asked for simon's number. umikot tuloy brief nya! hahaha. and having been recognized by jungee made his night. thanks to God for his talent.

Saturday, Simone went to Shangri-la for the first time. we had our baby shower for yakee and here are some of our pictures...

baby shower for yakee
group pic with joaquin on the side...sleeping as usual

mommy and me
all-smile si mommy

daddy's girl
naks! kamusta naman ang candid?! thanks jojo for the shot!

tans and arevalos
baby book for yakee, from the Tans

tita mec with babies2
Tita Mec with the babies, Simone, Joaquin and Yakee

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The one with not giving up, just moving on

Last week, I made a major decision in my career life. I decided not to sign up anymore for the company i was working for. We were offered an early retirement package with the promise that we will all be rehired, but with a slightly different package. but then, i don't want to be rehired. i want to explore other opportunities na pwede for me. parang i think i've maxed out myself already in my current job that i want to do something else. believe me, if this is the quarterlife crisis they're talking definitely getting some. hehehe. but it's not a crisis, it's more of an adventure.

we've prayed for it and simon and i talked about it already. we have peace thinking about it and soo looking forward for things to come. i get to spend time with simone more, i'll be able to do the things that i've always wanted to do and find out where i will best excel. plus, i can always go back to work whenever i want to. im glad my husband and my family support me with this. finally, i'm out of my comfort zone and i know God has better plans for me and im excited to know what those are.

will kwento in details soon. in the meantime, i'll have the exit interviews muna with the bosses. haha, di pa pala ako nagpapaalam! hehehe