Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The one with table for six

Warning: Naan, baka ma-homesick ka lalo sa post na to ha. hehe.

In my previous post I mentioned about the baby shower we had for jannet. actually, baby shower and christmas get together na namin yun in one. hehe. and we were the first to arrive at TOSH. when we entered the resto we were asked by the waiter, "table for...?" and i actually stopped and thought longer than expected. kasi nasanay ako na table for 8, (simon, me, jon, jill, naan, jason, jannet and richard) and then now, i just said, "six". when we sat down, i told simon. "beh, hindi ako sanay na anim lang tayo...wala lang, i miss them" i miss naan and jason. may difference talaga without them sa group. hay. umuwi na kayo!!!

on a lighter note, we had fun pa din with us six together. grabe, jannet's tummy is really big na. we intentionally didnt bring simone with us kasi we wanted to chat with them longer and parang date na rin kasi namin ni simon yun. ahehe. we gave gifts to each other, updating each other of how are lives are: jannet having to deliver via CS coz of her placenta previa. (bad placenta previa talaga!), jon and jill sharing their macau experience and their gimmicks with naan and jason, and us updating them about simone, how GMA choir won champion (hihi), our events and other stuff. kahit we seldom see each other, parang wala lang. okay lang. ganun ata talaga if best friends or someone you're close with, the frequency of meet ups might not be that often but you know in your hearts that you're there for each other always. :)

here are some pics:

more pictures here

The one with something new to do

Last sunday, Simon and I went out for dinner with our best friends. (a separate kwento on that one) and since parang kakaumay naman to give balloon bouquet for jannet who will soon give birth, i decided to make a diaper cake! It's my first time to m/bake one. hahaha. but i'm so proud of my "accomplishment". and mind you, hindi sya madali ha. it took me two hours to conceptualize and put everything together. pag gising ko the following day, sumakit likod ko. haha. i surfed some how to's sa net and mix and matched everything to come up with this. ahehe.

in fairness, manghang-mangha ang husband. nakatulog lang daw sya, pag gising nya, may bago na naman ako creation. naks! haha. creative daw talaga ako. naka naman! may gusto atang regalo sa pasko ha. hehe.

pero ako rin natuwa sa outcome, as in! and na-enjoy ko sya gawin. yun lang, everything has to be really hygienic. as in ginawa ko pa yan sa isang table na walang nagkalat na kung ano and bagong laba yung ginamit kong cloth na patungna while i put the diapers together. :)

it's a 2-tier cake. medyo marami sya laman compared to the diaper cakes i see sa market. ahehe. nakakakilig lang na tuwang-tuwa yung friends ko, si jannet and richard. ayaw na daw nila buksan ever. nyahaha! and they really thought cake sya nung una. hahaha. ano ba?! pati si jon and si jill natuwa. syempre, kilig na kilig naman ang lola! ahehehe.

close up of the bear with mommy jannet and daddy richard at the back. pasensya na, naninibago kme sa aming new cam e. hehe.

naka-packaging na sya.

i also gave them towel lollies as souvenirs for the baby shower. hehe, kinarir ko ba?! my friend jill told me to market the item kasi she thinks i'll have tons of clients for that. should i??? hmmm, hindi na siguro. parang feeling ko gagawin ko lang sya for my friends' babies. hahaha. and i have friends who do that as business so sila na lang, mas magaganda pa sa kanila. :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

The one with Shot on the Spot

Hahaha, winner tong tag na to! i was really tempted to fix myself pero naisip ko, mawawala yung objective ng tag e...so here's my post. thanks issa! hahaha.

Here are the rules:

1. Take a picture of yourself right Now! (the moment you read this tag)
2. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair, just take a picture.
3. Post that picture without editing.
4. Post these instructions with your picture.
5. Tag 10 people to do this. And don't forget to leave them a message about the tag.

kulit! kakaligo ko lang talaga e, hehe. what can i do?!

And now im passing this "tusong" tag to Naan, Meng, Con, Mec, and Irmee. :)

The one with busy as usual

I thought I'd be more relaxed this year since I'm not working anymore (well, corporate-wise) but man, i was wrong! More clients are still booking for their christmas parties and other events. Plus, we also have our personal events that we have to attend to like attending a wedding, attending our church's christmas party, and attending to my clients' events as well. And to top of it all, we still have an anniversary to celebrate!!! i finally accepted that it's such a very difficult time to prepare for one's anniversary when yours fall on the busiest season of all. as in! but apart from that, we're really preparing for a simple celebration only. As in, just go out and have an alone time...amidst the traffic. hahaha. I wonder what he'll give me for our anniversary??? hmmm, can he just give me diet pills so i'd lose the holiday fats already?! waah! i could not even bear to tip on the scale. bwahaha.

So to everyone, happy holidays!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The one with inclination

We love arts. Simon is gifted with music. I, on the other hand, have inclinations with crafts. And I'd love to believe that Simone will have either, if not both, in the future. Well, she can now sing and hit some notes as early as now. If i can only upload some of her videos here. katuwa, sometimes, she really attempts to sing duet with Elmo or barney kasi super memorize nya na. hehe. But recently, I tried this painting set I bought from a fellow nawie, Bing. I didnt have any expectations as she might find it unappealing, or she may lack some interest with it or something. But believe me, the first time we did it, she was painting at 12 midnight and she slept at 1am pinilit ko pa!

she made two pieces that night. i didnt even teach her how to use the brush. she instantly took it as if knowing what to do with it. cuteness!

dito, right handed pa sya. hehe. all color combinations are her own choices. galing noh?! as in all i did was take these pictures. hahaha.

ayan, naka-nganga pa. halatang masaya sa paints nya. or masaya sya magkalat? hmm...

i know i have close-ups of her pieces pero she used purple and yellow on one piece, and green, yellow and red on the other. she was trying to make a circle on the latter piece. hihi.

ayan, lumabas din ang totoo na lefty sya. actually, it was just a while when she tried the right hand but i noticed she was really more comfy with left. hehe. mana sa ken. i actually don't mind. i just hope she'll get used to the ink marks sa hand. :)

ON THE OTHER SIDE OF ARTS, here she is as an aspiring musician. She'd go to whoever is sitting on the computer chair and ask to be carried to the "no-no" (piano daw).

kunwari ako nagtuturo, wala nga ako alam dyan. haha.

she knows that some knobs turn to make different sounds.

look at how her hand is positioned sa piano?! winner noh?! hehe. and she'd try to sing the Elmo song while playing that piano. kasi diba elmo was playing the piano when she shared the song to Big bird and Snuffy. hehe. as in, "na-na-na, nananana..." ganun pero syempre her notes where everywhere. hehe.

pero kahit ano pa man baby, whether you paint or you play the piano, everything is okay with us as long as you enjoy what you do. kahit pa maglutu-lutuan tayo everyday...ok lang. we love you!

The one with Dad in law's birthday

Here are a few pictures from Dec. 3, birthday ni daddy. we had fun dining al fresco.

this is how i will look like with two kids already. nyahaha. o diba ang puputi nila?! hahaha.

ang sweet mo naman baby...hahaha

ay bakit baligtad??? hahaha.

The one with here she is now

Here's how simone looks like now...

We got this photo from TPC, we got free coupon. nyahaha. ironically, we were members of BUB but we were not able to maximize it tapos may free coupon lang, go naman kme. hahaha. anyway, she has tons of really cute pics pa sana pero super pricey e. i'll never hear the end of it from simon if i bought more prints. harhar.

she's big na noh?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The one with proud wife

Another accomplishment for my hubby. He's the one behind the music of GMA's Chrismas Station ID. yipee! im sooo proud of you beh! we got the Inquirer copy the day it was launched on SOP and his name was on the paper. yey! we framed it immediately, thinking that it's the first time his name is on paper. much to our surprise, the write-up was on all leading papers that day. hahaha. funny talaga! so his friend from another department was able to get him a photocopy of all the write-ups. I think he's from material handling, that's why all materials before it becomes publishes passes thru him first...or something like that.

Congrats Simon! God has given you a very wonderful gift...

The one with simone still signing and more

She's turning 20 months soo. wow, time flies really fast and after she got sick, i was able to compare how she dealt with her being sick and the first time she got sick, the roseola thing. Now, she's more able to say what hurts and what she was feeling at that time. like when i asked her part of her body hurts, she would point her head or touch her tummy. she would ask for milk whenever she wanted and would tell "ayaw" if she didnt like to drink. unlike before when she can't tell me what she wanted and just cried. at least now, we felt more confident that we are able to give her what she needs.

She still signs. She has this new trick. When she farts, she'll tell me, "mommy" and use her index finger to cover her nose (the sign for bad smell) and when she's pooping, she'll call "mommy, sign the baho sign we made and sign the diaper. pretty cool huh? it means she's pooping and that she has to change her disposable diaper. i wanted to start her potty training already since she already knows the bowl and would always sit there when she's doing the poop but i just can't seem to find the right timing. hahaha. there were times that she already pooped na or that she would be shy to continue doing it on the bowl with all of us watching her. hehe.

And yes, she's not a baby anymore...

The one with christmas is in the air

Wow, I can really feel Christmas nearing. It's just two weeks to go and we have'nt finished decorating our outdoor christmas lights to achieve the outdoor lighting effect we wanted. we bought green lights and still we have one pack of rice lights left to be decorated, we'll just alternate it with the green lights we bought. I bought mini parols and hung it on our big mango tree to make a colorful decor during the day. we have more decors inside. yey! so excited for christmas. i pray that we all remember the real reason for the season.

Merry Christmas everyone!

The one with finances

At this time of the season, and with America facing an economic crisis, one has to think of ways to save and spend more wisely for the Christmas season. But come to think of it, the P36 gas price now is a good christmas gift for all of us already. In my entire life, the past months are the firsts in my life to really monitor the gas prices. and when it reached its lowest now, i'm just so happy. hehe. and commercial collection agencies are starting to remit the refunds of their clients before the year ends so that before they close their books, they have remitted all necessary funds to the clients.

Have a merry christmas! I hope to get my paypal money too before christmas! yipee!