Thursday, August 27, 2009

The one with birthday pics

~ We wore our new mommy and daughter matching outfits. bought it at Purple candy. really nice. I asked mom in law to make tons of this design. hehe.

~ It was Neyo's first time at Starbucks. grabe, 1month old baby spending the evening at starbucks! cool!

~ Simone and Justin had fun in starbucks. I notice that Simone loves to go there. as in feeling nya playground nya. I guess it's the smell of coffee that makes her hyper. haha.

~ Grannies had a time to catch up. I'm glad we had coffee pa after dinner kasi dun yung kwentuhan talaga. And my dad in law even told me that he had a very good night sleep that night. nakapag unwind kasi. :)

~ Oliver and Jane were stuck in traffic but they managed to eat double time to get the most out of the buffet

~ Simon and Ate Maru were kind enough to let me eat three plates! hahaha. i really stuffed myself. di nila pina-alaga sa ken si simone so each of them were only able to finish one serving lang. ahehe. thanks beh!

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