Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The one with wishlist given

If you remember in my previous post, I wrote down a short wishlist of what i wanted for my birthday, and i'm so happy two of those were given to me. The NikonD40 is such a thrill to use. I'm not so much of a gadgety person but I need a more decent camera to help me take better pictures of our decors. And i'm just glad that my husband bought me one. We were choosing between a Canon camera and this one, i'm glad we chose nikon.

The book that i wanted was ordered already, it's always out of stock the reason why i had to order it online. So there, two out of three. Well, the house and lot would have been a great gift too (haha) but i'm sure it will come and God will give us one soon :)

I had a small celebration with my family and Simon's. It was a good evening. We had buffet at Don Henrico's and capped the evening with coffee at Starbucks. We had a good time catching up, chatting and showing off how active our babies are. hahaha. Simone and Justin kept on running around Starbucks like they own the place. hahaha.

I got less number of greetings this year. I don't know if it had something to do with my shrinking circle of friends or that i did'nt treat anyone this year. hahaha. but it's really no biggie. Surprisingly too, I became less and less affected about it. I was greeted by my family and my closest friends and it's more than enough.

Thank you Lord for another year and the journey that continues for the years to come. :)

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