Sunday, September 20, 2009

The one with all grown up

It's been a while since I wrote something about Simone. I missed blogging (err, bragging) about her milestones that i discover everyday.

She's all grown up. Yes, I really don't want to admit this but she really is. Hey, im not overacting but I can't believe that she's not a baby anymore. This realization started when i heard her asked her ate maru, "ate, what you doin'?" She has started to make conversations as if she can understand what we needed to say or how to explain things. but as they say, never underestimate kids. That's why we always talk to her like when you talk to an adult.

She does'nt drink Wilkins anymore. The only water that survived her thru her infant years is not a necessity anymore. And while I was pouring water from our own water dispenser to her bottle, i realized that yeah she does'nt need those water filters anymore. Suddenly I felt that she does'nt need too much clean water, she can take a little dirt sometimes coz she is growing up. Suddenly, it's like a metaphor. She does'nt need to be in her crib all the time, she can fall and bruise her knee or bump her head sometimes, you think she needs it so she'll grow strong and brave.

She has her own seat on our dining set. Recently, we bought a new dining set to replace the two-seater round table that we used to have. Though it took us a while before we were able to buy a family dining set, i personally think that the timing can never be more perfect. It was the time that Simone has learned to really eat all by herself, sit more comfortably on her own chair. She sits beside mommy and daddy takes the "breadwinner" seat. :)

She wants to wear her clothes by herself. She still needs to be guided but if she'd have a choice, she'd want to do it by herself. She chooses what she'd like to wear too. She has become more sure of what she wants and just like mommy, she wants the nicest things ;)

Love you simone. :)

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