Sunday, September 20, 2009

The one with house blessing

Actually, it's more of Neyo's 2nd month birthday and Chell's birthday too. We visited them in their house for the first time and we had so much fun. I could not believe that my brother in law has a Starbucks signage at home. He had one done, as in exactly the same. Moreso, they also prepared real starbucks coffee for us, caramel macchiato please. and mind you, in starbucks coffee mugs and tissues. hahaha, and i thought i'm the only starbucks addict in the family. :) When i first entered, i immediately smelled the aroma of the coffee and shouted, "wow, starbucks!" hahaha...of course, i know my addiction well :)

I also love their home. It's so cozy and pieces are very well chosen. Brought me back to the time when Simon and I were living in our small apartment and we'd have all the time to arrange our house furnitures and be able to display small pieces for the houses. Now, we just can't. Since we have a growing toddler, everything had to be packed, everything that might break. So all of us were telling them that once neyo learns to walk, hahaha, the good old days of having those displays and furnitures will be missed. ;)

Of course, we took pictures. We love pictures! and in my attempt to become a photographer, here are some of my shots:

i absolutely love this shot! obviouse ba it's the first to be posted. hahaha. i feel like a pro! bwahaha.

love chell's emotions here. nothing beats a candid shot. parang gusto sabihin ni neyo, "iniipit nyo ko e."

caught neyo's serious look. hehe. he looks like his daddy here! he's such a charmer. gwapito! and he's not a cry baby!

this, i love too! i did'nt know babies are hard to shoot. as in, i wanted to have so many pictures but i never realized i'd only like some coz they're so mobile that a little move will make the pic blurry.

it's very seldom that you see all the Tan siblings together. And i have this subconscious way of always documenting it.

Don't you just love how he stare???

Chell and Neyo

Mommy and baby shot. I initially attempted to do the same concept for Chris and Neyo but Neyo kept on moving. hahaha. when i saw this, I immediately took a shot. would have been better if neyo's hands are open but yeah, it's still nice! you gotta love your own :)

don't you just love seeing parents staring at their babies like these two pics???

of course, the two achies of the family. nice noh???

neyo's shoes!

these next two shots made me realized that i think im better taking non-life subjects. hahaha.

I wanted to post some of our pictures here but i'm just too fat right now. hahaha. i know, best diet pills won't work for me right now. what can i do, i looove to eat!


Anonymous said...

love the black and white shots :)

kaka-reer-in ko na nga din ang slr namin :D


Joanne MV said...

Daming shoes :) I like the cookiemonster tee. Fave ko sya eh! Hehehe.

Btw, an award for you sis - :)

carlamaldita said...

danda danda ng shots!

(and this is by me too)