Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The one with missing the baby in her

Yesterday, Simon and I were browsing over simone's pictures from day 1 up to like before she turned two and we could'nt believe how much she has grown now. I could'nt believe it when she asks me, "what you doing?" and then i tell her what im doing and she would reply, "why?" and the answers will just be returned with a big question why. haha.

I'm pretty amazed of how she's beginning to form words and phrases from her thoughts. not the usual boxed answers that we get when she was younger. we would ask her how her day was and she would reply with phrases of what she did like, "simone AND justin eat doughnut", "simone and justin watched tv". what movie? "hmmm, cars. what else? hmmm, hi-5. what else? hmmm, huggies" as in kasama yung what else sa question nya to herself. haha. cute. other phrases she loves to say are the ff:

~ mommy, SM tayo. (haha, i know!)
~ mommy, where's daddy?
~ mommy, come on, let's go to playroom.
~ ayaw talking! simone lang
~ no, no, not yet! (hahaha)
~ eeewww, dirty! (arte!)

she's very used to her manners of saying thank you when something is given to her, saying please when she's asking for something and saying ingat when somebody leaves. she loves as in loves kissing mommy and daddy and biting our mouths, holding our faces so we won't move. hehe. she has a knack of remembering lines from the videos she watches, singing songs and memorizing the lines. she loves the song, "nobody" hahaha.

And she's a total lover of books. man, mas mahilig pa sa ken magbasa. as in 12mn na, books pa rin. she would ask me to open the lights so she could read (err, look at the pics and pretend to read, hehe) one time, we really rolled to laughter having to see her read the book to herself, as in kasama yung nodding motion when you're reading to someone and there's some diction and accent on some words, sabay turn ng page. hahaha. ang cute talaga! sayang, wasnt able to catch it in video.

Another thing that she loves is make-up. i just read rhea's blog and i was able to relate about andie's love for make-up. simone loves make-up. she knows how to put powder, eye shadow, lipstick, and nail polish! as in! of course, im her only customer. hehe.

What totally surprised me was when out of the blue, she told me, "cat -- letter C". so i thought, "oh, she remembers our lessons." i asked her other words and she effortlessly identified what letters starts with what word... withouth any flash card at hand. cool!

Simone, thank you for always reminding us that everything we did, everything we sacrificed, were all worth it...may sukli ka pa anak. :)

taken months ago. hehe

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