Monday, October 26, 2009

The one with so much so (part 2)

September 27 - was'nt really able to sleep that well. we were all anticipating that the flood might rise again, but i was glad it did'nt.

We woke up with our living room all filled with mud. The water outside is still knee high. There was no electricity, my phones were dead and i have to inform my clients that i can't attend to their parties because all of us were stranded. Going out was like a post-war scenario. There were trucks everywhere, trying to rescue those who were stranded on the highway. The roads were simple filled with smoke, fog and people walking with their bags and whatever they can carry with them. It was the first time that one will take 4 hours just to be able to buy Andok's chicken. It was the first time that a simple fried egg is like a steak well done and that it's selling like hotcakes. Everything was a first time...everything.

I think if there's one thing good that came out of this, it is that i was able to spend time again with my family. It's been a while since i slept with my mom and dad, since i had that "open" conversation with my kuya and been a while since i cleaned the house with my brothers. It was such an unexpected happiness. Over the two nights i slept there, my mom and i would always chat til we fell asleep and i missed her so much. I realized that she missed those talks that we used to have and it was good. I loved that my older brother just talked with me again. Before we used to talk about his girls endlessly. haha. and he does'nt get shy talking about his feelings, what happened to him and all that. He shared another secret with me which shocked me, but glad that he told me about it. And cleaning the house with my brothers??? whoa! it can't get any better than that. hahaha. since there were no electricity, no internet for my younger brother, no cellphones to use so we had more time to clean! and that's what we did. And the situation may be a little off, but i love that experience of spending time with them. :)

Oh and another good thing that came out of the ondoy experience was me losing "some" weight. hahaha. and you'd think a slimming pill will be the answer. although i think i gained back the weight again...yikes.

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