Friday, January 13, 2012

The one with Bacolod getaway part 2

To continue my Bacolod post, let me start again by posting some pictures.

while waiting at Bacolod airport for tita kuki and tito jason. :)
eating banana split.
nice shot of Bacolod Silay Airport
Simone has always loved travelling. She's one really good travel kid buddy and we're so blessed with that. :)
TIta kuki and Tito Jason

nature shot of danjugan island...winner!

beach front
the lakwatsera family! :)

The food in the resort were okay. They were cooked right after we ordered so we're guaranteed that everything's fresh. The prices of their food was reasonable too and that's what we enjoyed very much.

The restaurant was small. Only several tables that can accommodate no more than 30 pax but as i said in my previous post, it felt exclusive knowing that we were only 7 who were checked in at that time, so we did'nt mind.

Our sole objective of being able to relax was achieved. Our whole stay consisted of just water activities: swimming in the pool, island hopping in Danjugan island, swimming in the island, strolling along the shore and eat by the beach. Yes, this is the life! hahha.

Ayu's Spa Resort's amenities were ok too. The pool in the resort was simple but clean. They also had a jacuzzi that Simone enjoyed so much. They also have sauna which i enjoyed. The rooms are pleasant, clean, water pressure not so reliable but the bed is comfortable. All in all, their service is the one thing that made them pass with flying colors for me :)

The island, Danjugan island is a marine-reservation island (did i get that right?) Everything's within nature. They only have solar panels to get solar energy, they have kayaks which we enjoyed. "manong" gave a very well-explained background of the island but the island was not as "virgin" as it was in the pictures he showed us. I guess a lot of development and improvement had to be made, but then again, it would'nt be as preserved as it is now if things would get commercialized around.

When we went back to the resort, we took a dip again on the beach and the pool until evening. Our only rest from the water was when we had to eat. hahaha.

Simon made this one of his top trips for 2011 for the sole reason that he was able to relax and enjoy a short break from our busy life. And for that i get a pat in the back. :)

I want to plan another travel! hahaha. :)

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