Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The one with today is the day

We will know if simone has been exposed to primary complex.  The first time i heard it from my pedia as one of the three possibilities of simone's condition, I felt really sad...and a failure again as a mom.  But you know, these are really some of the things that are inevitable.  You just can't seem to track any known bacteria or virus there is and avoid your child to be in any place near it or any person for this matter.  So when we had the tuberculosine test last monday (did i spell it right?), it was horrible seeing my child cry until she loses her breath because of the pain it brought.  I know the test was more like a skin allergy test and i hated that test.  I vividly remember hating it more than my epidural injection when i was gave birth to Simone, so i can understand if the pain was too much for her.  After the test, we headed to the mall, treated her to an unlimited playtime and Tom's world fun and we ate 'til we got our tummies full.  We also went to her cousin's just so she'd be happier. hehe. yeah, we spoiled her that day, just so she can forget the painful feeling she had with the test.

Anyway, whatever the results are, we're pretty calm and still, knowing that God is in control.  And I promise to be more hands-on as I can and watch her health 24/7 (if it's even possible!)  I remember reading an FB post made by my friend of how she used Skype to track her kid on the other room, more like a web conferencing solution to her problem of being at two places at the same time. So i guess I can be like that too, more like a restaurant who's open 24 hours a day...or Goodah for 25 hours a day. haha.

A healthy baby makes a happy mommy. :) love you anak. :)