Friday, February 17, 2012

The one with soon to be five

I still can't believe that just a few days from now and my Simone will be five years old already. waah! She's not really getting any younger now and it makes me excited to see her grow but at the same time sad that a year just passes by and the next thing you know, you're shopping for her prom dress with her already. waah!

I'm glad and thankful God led me to where we are now.  I'm glad that He made me realized how important it is to be with your kid while she's growing up and leaving the corporate world was no regret at all. I miss being with my friends there but being with my daughter while she's growing just gives me more reasons to appreciate the time i spend with her. :)

And I feel more blessed that God really gave us the best of both worlds, me having to still work on my business and having a more flexible time to spend with Simone.

Her 4th year passed like a breeze.  But it's my favorite year so far.  Favorite because this is the time when she's not that "old" but not that baby anymore.  You can enjoy your time together like malling, shopping and just being with her.  You know she can understand you more so she knows how to follow instructions, obey simple household chores and reprimand her knowing that she understands what you have to say.  I also love the fact that she enjoys and thrives in school. Seeing her excited to go to school everyday makes me feel like i'm raising a smart kid.  To be honest, it's hard not to expect because she always gives us reasons to expect that she would excel, hehe. :)

Simone, I love you! Happy birthday anak. You will always be mommy's baby (even if you dont want to be called one anymore)

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