Saturday, February 25, 2012

The one with school party

We had a family outing for simone's party and a small school party on the day of her birthday.  She coined those celebrations as Disc 1 and Disc 2.  (it's obvious how addicted my kid is to videos, haha) And the school party was fun!  I'll post pictures soon but let me just share our little preps for her school party.

~Personally, i like school parties.  It's a small party but you can be sure that you have enough number of kids present.  Unlike house parties, you don't have to wash dishes.  House parties are okay if you have a lot of help or you have bosch dishwashers at home where you can easily wash and dry your dishes. haha.

~ It's also a plus that i have a good network of party suppliers where getting entertainment and give aways is literally a call away. :)

~ You also get freebies.  This year, im so happy that my sister in law gave a barbie cake to simone on our family outing and my good friend Emily of sugarbox gave her cake and cupcakes too for her birthday. I love it!! Now im soo carbo-loaded! hahaha

~  It's nice that i was able to get a balloon twister also to entertain the kids while they were eating

All in all, i give my husband and I a pat on the back for pulling it off.  My husband for being able to convince me to celebrate it the simple way and I for agreeing to do so but set aside some a part of what i was able to save to open an account for her "7th bday preps". hahaha, it has officially begun.  yes, we need to save up for it! it's non-negotiable!!!

Happy bday again simone!

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