Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The one with party weekend hangover

It has been one heck of a busy February for me.  And to end the month more fun, I was Jillian Ward's party planner on her 7th bday last Feb 26. :) so much fun!  Thank you Lord for a successful party.  Thank you for the gift you gave me and for being able to maximize it the way you want it to. :)

I was so nervious and anxious on the day of her party. I was anticipating all the booboos that might happen that day.  But before the party began, God told me to just stop worrying about anything because everything will be alright...and it really did :)

Simon was there the whole time. You see, I and my husband have different fields and work and as much as possible we don't stress each other on our respective business/work.  We find it beneficial as we have a lot to talk about because we do different things, and we are each other's pressure and stress absorber.  That day, he was present during the party and I appreciated it so much.  He supported me the way a good husband would. :)

The following day, we were talking about the party and we are just amazed how God works and moves in our lives.  Who would have thought that the Php 2,500.00 seminar fee i paid as an investment is now a business who has catered to a child star's 7th birthday party?! God is really good, amazing!!!

More stories about the party, hehe. I'm just soo happy! Oh they did'nt give discount movies tickets but they (Jillian's family) sure did give Simone gifts! im soo touched! thank you! :)

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