Friday, February 17, 2012

The one with positive

How i wish i can write here, positive pregnancy right? that news would have been way better to read about.  But everything has a purpose.

Simone is positive with primary complex.  I blogged about the tb test done on her and it turned out positive.  She was given meds already which we started last February 2. 

Good thing she easily takes her meds.  We've also started our veggie program where i cook fresh noodles, make chicken broth (as in from real chicken) and add ground malunggay and carrots. She instantly liked it :)  So we don't have instant noodles anymore. yey!

We've also restricted ourselved to go to crowded places on the first two weeks of medication.  I heard from my husband that the first two weeks is the 90% healing phase so we're more careful on bringing her to places esp areas with cigars sampler, smokers or anywhere polluted and she might catch another virus or whatever. 

Love you Simone!

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