Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The one with emergency leave

Simon had to take a leave today.  Simone has been having  fever since yesterday afternoon and we're monitoring her.  When i had her checked yesterday with Dr. Lucena,  she told me that she might be down with a flu in the next couple of days and true enough, she has flu now :(

The only thing that stresses me a lot is Simone being sick.  I really don't want her getting sick and it pains me to think that she is not in her best condition.  I hope she gets well soon.  It's hard enough for her that she's taking medication for her primary complex, we can't give her any more meds as her liver might be overworked. But we're praying for her fast recovery :)  all in God's time.

If i can only be 24/7 lookout for her, if i can only be her "Off lotion" all the time, I'd do it.  Right now, i just wish i can turn the time of my citizen watch and advance it so she's be better off soon :)

Get well soon anak! The Winx club doll you've been wanting for the longest time is just waiting... :)

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