Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The one with enchanted once more

As part of GMA Network's annual family day, we were treated to another Enchanted Kingdom experience.  It gets better and better as Simone's getting older as well and it's becoming more of an enjoyable experience for her.  The only downside maybe will always be the weather.  If it were a little cooler, I would have stayed the whole day there. haha.  I wish there are mist fans with water feature everywhere, enough to give the whole venue a cool breeze.  But overall, WE LOVE IT! who would'nt?! 2,400 worth of wizard money for food and souvenirs, free breakfast and unlimited rides! wohoo! This year we tried go kart. haha. it was fun. We got the 2-seater kart and Simon was telling me how hard it was to steer the wheel.  And then i thought "maybe it was because i'm heavy" hahaha.  I was able to catch the whole 10-min ride with our videocam.

Here are some pics i got from our friend's camera and my husband's:

this might be how our kids will look matching outfits! haha

enjoying carousel

i look like shrek here. hahaha

the stuffed cat that looked like a bear. bwahaha. won this on a balloon game.

my girl :)

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