Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The one with first day of school

It's Simone's first day in school. She's now a kindergarten and I did'nt even worry about her if she'll have a good time or not.  I had to make sure if her class is just two hours or three hours already.  hahaha.  And when she went home, I'm glad she has adjusted well with having a new teacher and being a kindergarten.  She even taught me how to shout "Kindergarten Rocks!" hahaha.

I can say I'm less prepared this year for her first day.  Maybe because i'm not a first-time school mom anymore.  Instead of having name plates at QuickNameTags.com, i just went to SM and had personalized stickers for her books and things. I was also late in submitting the ID pictures but I'm just glad we were able to give it today so my penalty just amounted P75.00. haha, bad mommy!

Happy first day anak! Enjoy your school!

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