Thursday, June 28, 2012

The one with need of repair

As my list of to do things pile up, I added another in the list... "check all desktop computers that need repair".  I got the one from greenland and asked my brother to check it for me.  I also want to bring the other one here in the house to SST laptop repair and have it checked.  We're not the "repair-kind-of-people".  I notice we're not so much fond of bringing broken things to get repaired mainly because we think it will just be a small difference compared to when you buy a brand new one again. I guess that's it, like in Japan or the US, they're not so much keen on having to repair things. They can easily buy appliances again and dispose the old one, especially if it's broken.  Heck, they dispose things even if it's not broken, how much more if it were. haha.

Off to another busy day. :)

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