Thursday, June 28, 2012

The one with need of repair

As my list of to do things pile up, I added another in the list... "check all desktop computers that need repair".  I got the one from greenland and asked my brother to check it for me.  I also want to bring the other one here in the house to SST laptop repair and have it checked.  We're not the "repair-kind-of-people".  I notice we're not so much fond of bringing broken things to get repaired mainly because we think it will just be a small difference compared to when you buy a brand new one again. I guess that's it, like in Japan or the US, they're not so much keen on having to repair things. They can easily buy appliances again and dispose the old one, especially if it's broken.  Heck, they dispose things even if it's not broken, how much more if it were. haha.

Off to another busy day. :)

The one with zildjian's birthday

Yes July will be a month of birthdays for my two nephews, Neyo who will turn three and Zildjian who will turn one on July 9. time flies really fast.  It will be a motorcycle theme this time since the dad (my kuya) loves motorcycles, like the big bikes of sorts.  Hmm, should i be wearing womens motorcycle boots on the day so i'd be in themed outfit? hahaha. My sister-in-law, Keisha, is thinking of red, black, yellow and white for colors.  I'll be bringing two food carts too that day and maybe a cake. :)

Happy birthday baby Zildjian! Tita loves you so much :)

The one with website soon

As soon as I'm done with our Meralco project, I'll be focusing on our website soon.  I contacted Jeff's cousin to do our website but i'm still contemplating on what package to get or if i'll get a better deal somewhere else.  That will be my gift to Partyboosters' 4th anniversary, a website. wohoo! I wish I can afford insurance for small businesses so i can get one for PB but i know we'll get there God's time. :)

Now, what would be a nice website name? (is that how you call it? or domain?) here are my choices but im not sure though if any of these is available.


What do you think?

Monday, June 25, 2012

The one with achie's birthday

On tuesday, it will be achie's birthday and we're excited of what we're planning to get for her birthday.  I hope she'll like it.  I was planning for the longest time of getting her a netbook but thought it's really expensive (heck, we're not that rich to give away laptops for crying out loud haha) but i know that it's gonna be super useful for her.  So when her birthday got nearer and nearer, Simon asked Jane if she wanted to pitch in for a netbook for achie. wohoo! we love giving her gifts since she's our achie and we love her dearest!

I hope you'll like your gift chie! we love you! Happy birthday! I'm so excited to eat on their wood picnic tables again and just eat to our hearts content. haha.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The one with events styling

I really want to enrol myself in s formal event styling course this year and I hope I'd be able to enrol in Bambi's class. I just love her style and her creations! I just want to learn more, and venture more into my business.  It's Partyboosters' anniversary month and I pray that God will bless us more, more blessings, more clients and more payroll for my staff. haha. :)  We're almost complete with our equipments, the only thing lacking are warehouse and styro materials should i decide to venture into styro crafts soon.  I was also thinking of getting a hydraulic crimping tool but I'm not sure if I'd be able to maximize it.

God bless Partyboosters!

The one with accidental new phone

We went to Globe to get my mom-in-law a new phone line and I asked about my line if the rebates are still active.  Then, it was a good surprise to find out that i can renew my plan again and be able to get a Blackberry phone. wohoo! When I finally had it, I was so happy, I even tried to scan it in the barcode scanner just so i can be sure that it's mine. hahaha.

And now, i'm asking BB pins from friends. isn't it amazing?! haha.  Globe was also kind to deduct the freebies from my upgraded plan so they sort of lessened P2k pesos from my bill. cool!

Here's my new phone :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The one with enchanted once more

As part of GMA Network's annual family day, we were treated to another Enchanted Kingdom experience.  It gets better and better as Simone's getting older as well and it's becoming more of an enjoyable experience for her.  The only downside maybe will always be the weather.  If it were a little cooler, I would have stayed the whole day there. haha.  I wish there are mist fans with water feature everywhere, enough to give the whole venue a cool breeze.  But overall, WE LOVE IT! who would'nt?! 2,400 worth of wizard money for food and souvenirs, free breakfast and unlimited rides! wohoo! This year we tried go kart. haha. it was fun. We got the 2-seater kart and Simon was telling me how hard it was to steer the wheel.  And then i thought "maybe it was because i'm heavy" hahaha.  I was able to catch the whole 10-min ride with our videocam.

Here are some pics i got from our friend's camera and my husband's:

this might be how our kids will look matching outfits! haha

enjoying carousel

i look like shrek here. hahaha

the stuffed cat that looked like a bear. bwahaha. won this on a balloon game.

my girl :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The one with first day of school

It's Simone's first day in school. She's now a kindergarten and I did'nt even worry about her if she'll have a good time or not.  I had to make sure if her class is just two hours or three hours already.  hahaha.  And when she went home, I'm glad she has adjusted well with having a new teacher and being a kindergarten.  She even taught me how to shout "Kindergarten Rocks!" hahaha.

I can say I'm less prepared this year for her first day.  Maybe because i'm not a first-time school mom anymore.  Instead of having name plates at, i just went to SM and had personalized stickers for her books and things. I was also late in submitting the ID pictures but I'm just glad we were able to give it today so my penalty just amounted P75.00. haha, bad mommy!

Happy first day anak! Enjoy your school!

Friday, June 15, 2012

The one with improvised drum set

Who would have thought that the basement i used to put all our house trash has been transformed to a semi-music room.  We have an old drum set and Simon assembled it and tried to use the drum set as his exercise activity.  He set up equalizers, speakers and turned on some good music accompanied by him playing the drums. well, he's not even a drum player but it only goes to show that he's really a musician.  (even his exercise activities had to be music-related) hahaha

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The one with crafty simone

I find it so cute that Simone loves the arts.  Right now, she's more into crafts and when she saw my box full of accessories and what-nots of how to make accessories, it became her instant activity at home.  She was able to make necklaces for me, and bracelets.  The craft supplies encouraged her to be more creative and even if it's not the professional type of accesories, i love that she's proud of all her works :)