Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The one with latest accomplishment

It was supposed to be just dinner with my bestest friends...but things turned out differently.

You see, Simon has always been known as someone's who is really good in convincing people to try out new brands, new things.  He can really be a great agent, i tell you.  But this time, things turned around.  While we were having dinner, I was cornered by my friends to consider buying a brand new Mirage for Simon.  They computed Simon's taxi expenses, repair expenses of his old car, so we' be able to compare.  And they also could'nt find the logic why we'd have to wait to move in to the new house before we buy another car.  So after much convincing, Simon and I talked about it the whole monday.  We made a table of our options and compared the two vis-a-vis.  Then it was just so fast.  But we feel more excited for it.  He's been working hard to provide for us, he deserves it so we contacted the Jason and Naan's agent, asked for a computation and went to the office the following day.  We did'nt realize it would be that fast, it took simon to think longer when he bought me a laptop that it took him to pay the reservation fee.

The following day we were able to sell his old car immediately.  Among the 4 interested buyers who were all starting to panic to buy it the night we posted it, only one came during the meet up.  It was as if it was meant for him and he was a pastor. cool!

So anyway, two hours after, we found ourselves driving to Manila showroom and getting giddily excited to reserve and submit our requirements. :) Finally, we were able to submit and pay for reservation fee. we won't get the unit though right away. On our way home, the bank called already for the approval of our loan which made us more excited. Now we can't wait!

I'm so happy I made my husband happy. In a way, it was still a surprise since he's not expecting he'd have a car so soon, and a new one for that matter.  Thank you Lord for the provision. Thank you for the blessing.  Always use us to be good stewards of your blessings.

And to Simon, im glad you liked it. as i always tell you, you deserve it beh. i love you so much!

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