Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The one with fun-filled weekend

And so Simone's party has ended. It was a part-by-part celebration, we made sure she'll have fun and we're so happy she did. :) We started with spending the whole day with her on her exact bday, asking her where she wants to go, what she wants to do etc. it's like whatever you want, we won't contest bday plan. haha. We capped off the evening with a dinner buffet at intercontinental hotel.  I got vouchers which i used immediately.     I'll post a separate story and review on that.  Sunday we had a simple party with family and closest friends and her classmates of course.  She wanted a fairy party so we gave her just that.  It was simple yet so much fun for her.  I was computing costs of a hotel stay with family, dine out and a school party vis-a-vis the shakeys party and it practically cost the same so we I headed on with booking shakey's instead. haha.  Simon had fun as well.  Later did he realize that it was fun to throw a party coz Simone gets to bring home lots of toys and gifts. :)

Monday, it was a spur of the moment thing.  We decided to drive to tagaytay with Heart. It was Heart's first out of town trip and Simon was not complaining with the long drive.  haha.  It was so much fun not having to worry about your car breaking down because Heart is all brand new. ahehehe.  We went to Picnic Grove, dined in Celina's for a buffet, then stayed at Kimberly Hotel for playground, farm visit, farm animal feeding and petting plus herb shopping :) We had so much fun.  Went home with lots of loads, pineapples, fresh carabao milk, kesong puti, and veggies :)

All in all...it was perfect! happy birthday again my baby! We love you!

More separate stories on each event. hehe. ;)

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