Sunday, March 17, 2013

The one with moving up

I still can't believe that Simone has finished her pre-school already.  She will be grade 1 this coming June already and I'm still having mixed emotions on how to handle this.  For me, she still looks like a little kid.  I don't feel like she's a grade schooler already.  But it may also be the fact that we're in denial (the husband and i), the reason why we still can't see Simone as a grader.

I also realized that six years passed just like a breeze and for another 6 years to pass as breezy as it did, oh my, she'd be 12 and i would'nt even know.

So cherish those moments while they're still clingy, while they still opt to sleep beside you and call you everytime they need to do something.

I love you Simone. You will always be my baby :)

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