Sunday, March 17, 2013

The one with Kimberly Hotel

In an earlier post, I mentioned that we went here to have some quality time with the family.  We tagged along ate len so she'd have a breath of fresh air too. Then simon just googled playground in tagaytay and one of the top hits was Kimberly Hotel so we took a drive to the place. I got so excited to see the big playground and the organic farm, then the farm animals.  Simone had fun petting the rabbits, feeding them and the sheep, and i had fun buying potted herbs. The big playground was a big hit to all of us. hahaha. It has a small pool where you can dip as well.  In fairness, if i'd be chosen an intimate wedding venue in tagaytay, i'd probably choose this one.  it's really nice and still new, plus you won't see any arturo fuente cigars around as the place is a no smoking zone as well.

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