Sunday, March 17, 2013

The one with more financial plans

We're not rich people, we have dreams of a more financially stable life but of course, just to the best that we can do and achieve.  We dream of being able to help our families live more comfortable lives, help them to become more productive as well.  That's why when my mom in law's passion in sewing has opened Dresscode costumes, I really thought of pursuing a matching mom and daughter's biz for her too.  I can finance her business and maybe in time, we can be partners in this endeavor.  With my mom, I'll just support her with whatever plans she may have.  She's still thinking what to do so i'm just waiting what we can come up with.

I don't personally dream of living like the Gokongweis and the Ayalas, I dont need those china portion plates displayed on my shelf. I just want a more comfortable life.  Thank you Lord for the  blessings and for using us to be mediums of your blessings.

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