Sunday, March 17, 2013

The one with music lessons

I'm really interested in enrolling Simone to music lessons this summer but i'm still contemplating if the timing is just right.  She just turned six last month and I'm not sure if this is the perfect time for some music lessons for her.  But when I told it to the husband, he said to just wait until she's more ready to choose what she wants.  It's better if the choice comes from her, to learn and study music.  But seeing her interest in it and her potential to learn makes me more willing to do my own little research when the right time comes for her.  So far, she tried playing around a piano, a flute, a ukelele.  She has'nt tried new Squier guitars coz im sure those are pricey but it would have been great to see her play a real guitar someday.

As a parent, i'll try my best to expose her to all the possibilities of learning or growth for her. Excited for more learning experiences for you baby!

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