Sunday, February 10, 2013

The one with a time for everything

These past few weeks were quite a roller coaster ride for our family.  We found out we're pregnant last dec21.  I was nervous and excited at the same time.  When we had our ultrasound, the sonologist can't confirm yet our pregnancy since it was just a gestational sac then.  We waited for a week for another ultrasound.  It had a development, the sac had a yolk sac already but she still could'nt confirm pregnancy.  It was painful for not being able to confirm pregnancy yet.  We could'nt share the joy of having another baby.  We could'nt express how much blessed we feel, we'd want to announce it already.  We can't do it because it's not yet confirmed.  So we decided to wait a month long instead of just another week so we'd be really sure if everything is fine.  After almost a month, went back to sonologist and found out that the yolk sac did'nt grow anymore.  It was the same size as our last ultrasound.  And now it seemed more flat, like a deflated balloon.  I was the first to ask the sonologist if the baby did not progress anymore and she said, "no, it did not grow anymore"  I was sad of course but I was surprised actually to find out i did'nt cry.  It was God's grace that gave me the comfort to handle this well.  I and my husband were able to accept and move on as soon as we knew about the news, knowing that God knows better.

We may not had the chance to announce it proudly in FB, record the announcement for cd replication but it was an enlightening experience to know and appreciate the miracle of life on a deeper perspective. thank you Lord.

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