Monday, January 30, 2006

The one at the top of my head

haaayy...with being a wife to my behbeh, a busy employee trying to launch two products (na super inaabangan na ng lahat) and practicing to be a homekeeper, there are so many things id want to accomplish for the next few weeks...i dont even know where to begin with.

watched Imbestigador last saturday. my heart sank when i saw homeless children who are hungry and with some who actually died because of hunger and malnutrition. i cried having to see a mother of already 9 kids and is currently with a child. Imbestigador was able to shoot while she delivered the baby and surprisingly the baby was of right weight and size considering that most of the time, the mother has nothing to eat or drink but coffee. Imagine, drinking coffee that would last you for the whole day?! i can't explain how i felt. i felt fear of having to raise our child and the difficulty that comes along with it. i felt guilt thinking that i have'nt done anything to help these kids (i give out food when kids beg during traffic but im just helping 3 or 5 kids... ) and i felt anger to the parents who, despite of their "economy", still bore a lot of kids and not raise them the way they should be raised. then, during our sunday service yesterday, the sermon of Pastor Bhabes Pualate was very timely. It was all about helping the poor and the children who are uneducated, malnutrition, and with no future. Now i wonder, how can I possibly be of help to these kids? I can pray for them and by that i know i help...but i want to see me going out of my way to help them, to make them feel that everything will be alright and that they can have a bright future...

In a lighter note, we are going on a incentive trip next week. We'll go to HK, China, and back to HK for 4 days and 3 nights. it's an exciting trip. everyone in the office is very much looking forward to going on an all-expense paid full boarding trip! yahoo! our company deserves every inch of that trip coz everyone really worked hard to achieve the target sales!

Simon has been working his brains out for all the projects he has now. we can't go malling coz of our work pero as soon as he finishes his projects, we plan to go to Tagaytay for a relaxing getaway trip! yahoo! he's planning na rin for valentine's. unfortunately, almost all concerts are scheduled on feb 10 and 11. i will be in manila by feb. 11 and i dont know if i will still have the energy for a Jay-r and kyla concert. oh well...

we also plan to avail the free room reservations we have at the richmonde hotel. a part of the "treat yourself right" that we intend to implement. that's scheduled on a non-working saturday for us. :)

okay, back to work now. later!

yun lang. so much for february! happy valentine's!

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