Friday, January 27, 2006

The one with the final episode

Main Photographer and Video: Paul Vincent Photography
How we got them: From w@wie yna, my good friend
Contact number: 410-5126/0918-415-3195
Inclusions: Unlimited shots, 8x10 digital storybook album, signature frame, pre-nups, portraint in canvass and frame, 3ccd-video, dvd copy
Peso Power: P39,000.00!
Rating: 10+10+10+10
Album and video: Pending (wala pa results eh)

What else can I say?! Sa lahat ata ng nag-inquire about him, paulit-ulit lang ako ng script about how good he is and how we found our ‘perfect’ photographer. For some of you who know us, we are perky people and we know that we should find a photographer who best suits our personalities (at least man lang maki-ride sa mga corny namin na jokes!) And since a photographer is the last supplier you’d ever have to deal with for your wedding since matagal pa album, important talaga that we jive with them. We found all those things in Paul. After meeting almost all photographers we know, nung na-meet ni Simon si paul, alam nya sya na yun and the following weekend, we booked him right away. As in, magkasundo sila sa mga hirits and jokes that made us so comfortable working with him.

When he posted comments sa pre-nups namin, no exag yun. We really loved to laugh til ma-lock jaws kami, but he was able to capture the ‘essentials’ and made us looked like models kunwari. Haha. He’s meticulous in looking for the perfect angle, and I think that’s the reason why it would take him more minutes than usual to take pictures kasi super taking all the shots he can get for that perfect angle. (which is good kasi it means more pictures!)

He willingly volunteered to come to the hotel early, something na naging concern at first coz feeling ng mga coordinators wala sya makukuhaan ng pics since wala pa flowers or wala pa me make-up. I honestly did’nt mind, feeling ko that’s his style eh. And I think it’s a good decision. The flowers arrived early, pag dating nya he was able to take pictures agad with other accessories and my gown. So marami sya nakuha mga pictures.

He’s particular with the couple’s portraits kasi nga naman this is probably one occasion that a couple will be at their best so gusto nya maraming pictorials ang couple. He favors before-wedding pictorials but flexible naman if ayaw ng couple. Like for us, we really did’nt want to see each other before the wedding and at first he tried to explain the good reasons of having pictorials before the wedding pero ayaw talaga namin eh. Hehe. And we never regret our decision kasi right after the ceremony, retouch na me make-up and pictorials agad so mukhang fresh pa rin.

I understand our coordinator being strict with the time so right after the reception, we still had to take some pictures pa kasi hindi pa sya satisfied sa number of shots that he was able to take. Dito, super give na give na kme. Haha. I’d suggest some places that I like sa Puerta real, he’d be excited and instruct us to do some poses for him. We were never shy posing for him. (o baka, sadyang makapal lang kme) From the solo pictorials before the ceremony, he informed us na that he’ll also do some “model shoots” on us (buti na lang kc this is one of our frustrations in life eh..hehe) and I hope we were able to pull it off. Feeling ko nun model talaga ako, I’d do some poses and sasabihin lang nila, “Ayan…nice…hold it”. They really made me feel beautiful that day, yung kunwaring nag-uunahan sila calling for my name to look at their lenses. Tipong, “O Jacque dito naman…nice!” haha, feeling talaga!

Erwin (the video man) is good too. I never expected id be comfortable in front of a video cam kasi ayoko nung dini-direct ako. Pero he was able to tell me what to do and I hope I did’nt give him a hard time. Isa lang ang hindi ko ginawa na pinapagawa nya…to throw petals while I was on the bed (hehe, hindi po bagay sa ken)

Paul and wife Ivy are good people. We love them and lagi namin sinasabi sa kanila yun. Hehe. Not for anything else, but we sincerely believe that they are on their way to fame and we are blessed enough to work with them.

Coordinator: An Event to Remember
Contact Person: Clarice AviƱante 0920-926-6471
Inclusion: On-the-day coordination (2 months before wedding), RSVP, etc., 4 coordinators and 2 errand boys
Peso Power: 10,000.00
Rating: 10+++++++
Other supplier seriously considered: None

They’re the only coordinators we met…and booked agad. Simon was one of those many grooms na hesitant on getting coordinators. Feeling nya it’s not practical considering pa that we’re running on a very specific budget on everything, plus, we have a support system who could really do all the legwork for us…until he attended a wedding of a w@wie na tinugtugan nya (my forever thanks to you, jane!) and after seeing how organized the wedding was and how relaxed the families were, he called me and told me to book clarice na agad! Hahaha, God is good talaga. J

We found an instant friend, shock and pressure absorber in clarice. Out of all the countless times we met her for meetings, lahat yun magkukwentuhan lang kme of how our wedding preps is going. She made us feel relaxed and assured us always that everything will be alright. When I met abie co, I requested that she’d be on our wedding. True enough, she filed pa a leave para lang mag-coordinate ng wedding ko kahit marami naman pwede mag take over sa kanya. She was the head nung reception na, clarice sa ceremony.

They were so good, wala talaga kme inintindi nung wedding day itself. They were the ones na nataranta for the tents kasi they wanted to add two more, ako kasi ayoko na. Buti na lang hindi na dumating yung tents na additional. While in the hotel, clarice told me, “alam mo sis, we are not this relaxed talaga sa ibang weddings, pero sa inyo super relaxed din kme.” Im glad we did’nt give them much stress during our wedding. We closely coordinated almost everything to her. Kaya nga she kept on telling me not to do her job coz I kept on doing checklists and other things to do for the suppliers.

Ang super na-love na love ko talaga sila was when they fixed our Unity candle. When I made the candles kasi, I wrapped it pa para hindi madumihan. BY the time we were taking it off, sumasama lahat ng beads. Tsk, tsk! Buti na lang I brought all my beading materials and I taught them how to do it and voila…good as new! Bow ako kay abie and kay Au! Super love them for doing that. Wala na yun sa contract pero they still did it. Haaayyy!

Ang assigned assistant ko was Au. She’d carry my things while pictorial ko, carry my train, fix my gown, always telling me to smile and sya rin nakipag-unahan sa staircase ng diamond hotel for pictorials. Haha. We were three brides there kasi and
inunahan nya lahat yun so they’d have to wait for us. Haha. Cool!

They were second to arrive and color-coordinated rin sila. Haha. Super na-appreciate ko how they remembered all our bilins, pati nga KFC flavor na gusto ko naalala nila eh. Haha. OC! Love them. Will always recommend them to friends and everyone getting married.

Concerns: None

Sound system for ceremony: Christian tan, brother of Simon
Peso Power: Free
Rating: 10+++

Syempre, since free to, mahal ko talaga sila. Naka-barong sila nun pero sila pa rin nag set up ng sound system. Ang cool! They arrived there around lunch time pa. Since we had two separate sound systems, we didn’t have to transfer anything.

Tarpaulin “Sa Wakas, Kasal na” : Thrills Digital Corp.
Contact Person: Lardy Calupitan 0917-850-4251
Peso Power: Free
Rating: 10

We originally wanted this for the car pero hindi na nilagay, hinawakan na lang namin. Super nice sya and im sure mura lang. They gave it to us for free since supplier namin sila sa office. Hehe, bait. Surprised nga kme eh. Some w@wies even asked for their number and asked for the rates.


AVP: Friends Mark Yu and Liane de Leon
Peso Power: Free
Rating: 10++

Tuwa talaga kme rito coz the pictures they chose were the funny ones. Haha. We had problems with where to put the projector pero nagawan naman ng paraan. Yung iba tumayo lang para makakita mabuti…Tawanan lahat kasi ang iitim namin nung bata kme. Hahaha.. And kahit hindi naka-march si Mark, masaya pa rin kme with the work they did. Super saya!

Projector: Word International Ministries
Peso Power: free
Rating: 10+++

Hehe, syempre dahil we are members of this church, napahiram nila ang projector sa amin. Engot lang me and one of those things that I forgot was a laptop! Super bait lang talaga ng aking officemates clint and lissa, they brought clint’s laptop and helped us set up the projector. May isang cable na wala so they had to play the audio and video ng sabay na sabay. Buti na lang, maayos lumabas! :)

Bridal Car: Nissan Sentra (latest model) c/o Richmonde Hotel with driver and gas included
Peso Power: P200.00/hour! (50% discount, friend kasi)
Rating: 10+

They do not really rent out their cars kasi service vehicles nila ito for some guests. But since we’re clients and naging friend ko na rin sya, she used her name to rent the car and got 50% off. Galing! For 9 hours namin na ginamit, P1,800 lang ang bayad! Super sulit! Super bait pa ng driver kasi mega assist talaga sa amin to and from the hotel. Best deal!

Singers for ceremony and reception: Friends from church and sisters of simon
Peso Power: Free
Rating: 10+++

Eto out of their love and goodwill na lang talaga siguro. Hehe. They really sing na sa ibang weddings since college si Simon. Yung isa naman, member ng Papuri, Inc. so mala-anghel tlga mga boses nila. Haha. Syempre friends kaya kahit ano performance, biased me. I specifically loved Not your ordinary love, More than wonderful, Til I found you, and syempre ang aking bridal march na All I evern want…haaayy!

Luminaries: DIY
Rating: kelangan pa ba?! :)

Funny story, super promote ako rito sa w@w of offering the luminaries to those who might want to use them after our wedding. At syempre pa, hindi namin sila nagamit! Hahaha. Sa sobrang let go namin ni simon, nakalimutan namin ibigay kala clarice. Kaya andun lang sya sa car the whole time. Good thing, I made 100 pcs. of the paper luminaries also kaya ayun ang ginamit nila clarice to set-up the place. Nice pa rin
naman sya.

Pre-wedding beauty preparation:
Diamond peel and facial sessions: Mendez Facial care center
Inclusions: 5 sessions of diamond peel and facial paminsan-minsan
Peso power: P2,500.00 (70% off)
Rating: 9

Originally, rosy peel ang na-avail kong promo but they used diamond peel on me the whole time. Masarap sya. Kita mo agad ang effect but you’ll appreciate it more pag every week ka nagpapa-ganun. Sakit lang sa bulsa. I only had four sessions, so may isa pa me. Facial nila okay din coz dermatologist talaga ang nag-gagawa sayo, same with the diamond peel.

Whitening cream (hehe): Ellen’s whitening cream, Libis QC
Peso Power: P1,500.00
Rating: 10

Hindi ko pa naman ganun ka-grabe kelangan nito, hindi lang kasi pantay kulay ko plus gusto ko walang lines sa underarm. In fairness, effective sya. As in nakakaputi po talaga. Yun nga lang, I used it ng august and one month lang ang consumption nung cream. I should have started using it around September.

Spa: Tranquility Spa
Peso Power: c/o W@w as prize
Rating: 8

Syempre, dahil free sya eh di masaya kme! We availed the couple’s room. May back scrub and body massage. Sarap! Feeling namin ni simon ang gaan sa pakiramdam. Im giving them 8 nga lang kasi pinabalik pa nila kme despite the fact that we set an appointment. (Christmas party kasi nila eh)

Other body scrub, hair spa, foot spa: Home Spa Salon
Contact person/owner: Meann Rivera 0918-906-9015
Peso power: body scrub- P350; foot spa-P198; hair spa – P350.00; Massage: P300.00
Rating: 10

Haven to sa ken. Ang lapit lang kasi sa amin kaya super accessible. What’s nice is that they don’t charge that much pero guaranteed ka naman na maganda services nila. Their products are good as well. I forgot lang the website pero you can text her na lang. Kaya kahit magpabalik-balik ako, hindi masyadong masakit sa bulsa. I just had my hair semi-rebonded, sa kanila ko pinagawa. Super straight, ang ganda po!

Shower party hotels: Astoria hotel and Bayview park hotel
Courtesy of bestfriends and officemates
Rating: 10++

Perfect and Astoria for shower parties kasi laki space. They got the 1br suite and ang since wala matutulog dun, I asked my parents to sleep there. Haha. Ang mga lola, pumunta naman kahit naka-pantulog na. Hehe. Sayang breakfast eh.

Sa bayview naman, nice syempre ang view! Although, a little smaller, maganda pa rin naman.

Wedding ideas and resources: Weddings at
Rating: 10+++++++

I’am sure that our wedding will not be as memorable and meaningful as it was if not for the endless ideas I got from w@w. As you can see, almost all our suppliers came from w@w and im just as thankful as the others for benz and john. Thank you so much for coming up with this. You might have heard this a hundred times na, pero thank you talaga. We will remember our wedding as the most memorable and most exciting event of our lives…and a part of that is because you guys made this group. It’s with W@w that I get the assurance that im still normal esp. when I feel neurotic and stressed; It’s in w@w that I met brides whom I’ve seen through their best and worst times (wedding preps-wise) and managed to be friends with. It’s with w@w that you will never get tired of reading stories of brides trying to get the last-minute best deals, best buys and ravings on suppliers. Thank you. Kung pwede lang maging w@wie
forever… :)

Whew! Finally, and I thought I wont see the end of this. Haha. Thanks to everyone for taking time to read my long posts. Ganito talaga ako magkwento…dinedetalye. :)

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or tag sa blog namin. :)

It’s good that Im done with the ratings. Yun nga lang this also means one thing…that eventually, I’ll be making my signing off post. Hehe, tagal pa yun. Marami
pa me inaabangan na kasal!

Happy preps and God bless!

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