Saturday, January 28, 2006

The one with oh i see...

I got the chance to be a part of the panel of judges in one of the most prestigious award-giving body in marketing and i was overwhlemed with all the presentations i got from the students. i was blessed enough that my boss used my brand for the case study (at least i get to have info from fresh minds...heheh) although i turned down almost 95% of the entries ( i dont know why, i didnt find the answer i was looking for in their presentations) but a handful stood out and now im thinking...

"my goodness, these kids are just great, they can replace me in a blink of an eye!" im not kidding...feeling ko tuloy ignoramus me. hahaha. and so to boost my ego and self-esteem, im trying really hard to remember my so called accomplishments...hehehe. here are at the top of my head

~ consistent honor student (elementary and HS should still be included coz i worked really hard all throughout my studying years)
~ dean's lister, consistent pa rin
~ graduated ehem, ehem, cum laude at the only Pontifical University in the Phils.
~ ranked 3rd place in thesis, "The effect of abstract appreciation in geometric ability of 3rd year high schools students"
~ now a part of the proud Brand Management group in Univet handling canine lines. Will launch two products this year.
~ An entrepreneur by heart. Selling choco goodies every Christmas season and earning 5-digit net income; an accessory maker that started as a hobby and developed in a small-time business. (unfortunately, na-stop coz i did'nt have time to do it na)

you think, papasa ba???hehehe....not bragging, just want to boost my self-esteem kahit minsan lang...(wala naman nagbabasa nito eh. hehe)

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