Friday, December 24, 2010

The one with busy

I have'nt checked my phones for all the christmas greetings i got, moreso charge the other one coz the battery drained already. hahaha. It's really Christmas now! It's soooo fast, I had to cherish every moment coz tomorrow, the much-awaited day of the year has passed. We had a very good time spending christmas with our families.  We normally cap off our evening at home after having dinners with my parents and in-laws but since last year, we opted to just have dinners at our families and spend the evening until christmas time. :)

Simone said, "It's time to open my presents coz it's the bday of Jesus" hahaha...she was itching to open all her presents and we were telling her to wait until it's the bday of Jesus.  I have another story about that, it's so funny. will post it on a separate entry.  She opened some of her presents, they are all nice. thank you to our families for the gifts.  she even had gifts featuring sesame street muppets like Elmo, and Ernie. :) those are her favorite characters!

Merry Christmas everyone! God bless you!

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