Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The one with a new thing

I started a new exercise and tried if this may actually work for me.  I started running about three weeks ago with a once a week regimen with my parents.  I know they're not the best "enablers" for this one but I saw it more as a bonding time for us and for their physical fitness too. :) We tried UP Ikot and Marikina oval.  They found UP more for them as they have a breath of fresh air but concrete can be too hard on their knees as what my good friend naan mentioned so we may have to alternate it or better yet, they just walk on the grass, if it's allowed :)

My once a week led to more like twice a week now, with the other time of just me running jogging walking. I'm taking everything on a pace.  I don't wanna force myself just so i could tell everybody that i'm doing something new.  I wanted to make it a lifestyle and be proud of myself that something i just put on my wishlist years back is something that's turning into reality now :)

Wish me luck and i hope i'd be able to stick to this one!

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"Q" said...

good job mare! keep it up :)