Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The one with randoms

I'm sitting here on my desk, thinking about blogging just so i'd do something different (aside from a whole day of working and surfing the net), and realized that there are so many events that transpired and i'm not even sure how to start.  Our family's just as crazy as all our events are. :)

Jayson and Skokie's wedding
I've been blessed to have a wonderful 2nd family with the Tans. I could never ask for more. My sisters in law treat me as one of their sisters, my in-laws are kind and easy to talk to as well.  So when Jayson and Skokie married last sunday, i realized that our family has another addition and that this family is really growing. :) I got teary-eyed during the bridal march (what's new?!) and everytime the bride marches down the aisle, i never miss to glance on the groom and see his reaction upon seeing his bride. Man, Jayson's reaction made it on top of my book! He cried, with tissue wiping his tears. arrgh, so i got emotional and started to well up my eyes. 

It was a very solemn and intimate wedding.  The garden was perfect for the ceremony.  And i love how we were able to transform the reception venue to a simplet yet elegant set-up. :)  I did'nt have any gifts to give, and my gift is not as pricey as the microwave oven they got, the extendable dining table for their pad, nor the turbo broiler they received but i shared and gave a piece of what my passion (naks!) can do and i'm glad they loved it. :)

Being at their wedding turned me back time when we had our wedding five years back.  I can still smell the same Christmas air and our stilletos piercing the ground. I guess weddings will always have a special place in my heart. :)

Congratulations to the Belesarios! We love you guys! I'm so proud of you two!

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