Sunday, December 12, 2010

The one with a wedding once more

I'm sooo happy for jayson and skokie for finally tying the knot. I still can't believe that simon's youngest sister is now married.  I'm not used to the fact that she is now Mrs. Belesario. I'm so hyped for the two of them. Congrats and best wishes! I'll post a separate entry about their wedding plans and our decors done for their wedding.

They'll be staying at my in-laws' place in the meantime so there's not much to miss from them as i can still see them everytime we go there.  hahaha. :) But seriously, it's a practical move as they'd be able to save more and spare themselves from buying and installing their own meralco unit, moreso a Hansgrohe faucet for their water as they can always pitch in the bills' costs. :)

Love you guys! cant wait for you to have a baby! :)

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