Friday, December 24, 2010

The one with more gifts

I wonder why since we had simone, nobody gives us gifts anymore. hahaha. well, our families have separate gifts for us but the number of gifts to open just keeps on getting smaller every year. hahaha.  We're humans too you know! bwahaha...

At least we still have a day that's for couples only. We still get bouquets for Valentine's day...oh and anniversaries too. hahaha. :)

The one with busy

I have'nt checked my phones for all the christmas greetings i got, moreso charge the other one coz the battery drained already. hahaha. It's really Christmas now! It's soooo fast, I had to cherish every moment coz tomorrow, the much-awaited day of the year has passed. We had a very good time spending christmas with our families.  We normally cap off our evening at home after having dinners with my parents and in-laws but since last year, we opted to just have dinners at our families and spend the evening until christmas time. :)

Simone said, "It's time to open my presents coz it's the bday of Jesus" hahaha...she was itching to open all her presents and we were telling her to wait until it's the bday of Jesus.  I have another story about that, it's so funny. will post it on a separate entry.  She opened some of her presents, they are all nice. thank you to our families for the gifts.  she even had gifts featuring sesame street muppets like Elmo, and Ernie. :) those are her favorite characters!

Merry Christmas everyone! God bless you!

The one with Christmas is here!

Merry Christmas everyone! May everyone be filled with God's blessings and grace! Cheers!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The one with randoms

I'm sitting here on my desk, thinking about blogging just so i'd do something different (aside from a whole day of working and surfing the net), and realized that there are so many events that transpired and i'm not even sure how to start.  Our family's just as crazy as all our events are. :)

Jayson and Skokie's wedding
I've been blessed to have a wonderful 2nd family with the Tans. I could never ask for more. My sisters in law treat me as one of their sisters, my in-laws are kind and easy to talk to as well.  So when Jayson and Skokie married last sunday, i realized that our family has another addition and that this family is really growing. :) I got teary-eyed during the bridal march (what's new?!) and everytime the bride marches down the aisle, i never miss to glance on the groom and see his reaction upon seeing his bride. Man, Jayson's reaction made it on top of my book! He cried, with tissue wiping his tears. arrgh, so i got emotional and started to well up my eyes. 

It was a very solemn and intimate wedding.  The garden was perfect for the ceremony.  And i love how we were able to transform the reception venue to a simplet yet elegant set-up. :)  I did'nt have any gifts to give, and my gift is not as pricey as the microwave oven they got, the extendable dining table for their pad, nor the turbo broiler they received but i shared and gave a piece of what my passion (naks!) can do and i'm glad they loved it. :)

Being at their wedding turned me back time when we had our wedding five years back.  I can still smell the same Christmas air and our stilletos piercing the ground. I guess weddings will always have a special place in my heart. :)

Congratulations to the Belesarios! We love you guys! I'm so proud of you two!

The one with slowing it down

The husband was having his own Bible time and came across a very timely message about slowing down.  He lent me the book and asked me to read it as well.

Every year, we find ourselves promising to take things more slowly next year.  I always find myself being sick, running to and fro, meeting all deadlines and projects and being tired at the end of the day. And before you knew it, christmas has passed my by. *sigh* I hope this year will be different. I'm sooo looking forward for next week as this is my last weekend before parties.

Let's always remember the reason for the's not on the gifts we give, not on the bonuses and projects we are able to do, not on the christmas rush, definitely not on the heavy traffic. Let's ponder on the things that really define CHRISTmas. :)

God bless everyone!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The one with super busy

I'm conditioning myself for a super busy week, i wanted everything to be done -- all my deadlines, projects and last-minute shopping. i still can't believe im not yet done with this shopping thing. i planned to spend on shopping episode with the husband but we can't seem to find the time to go out and plan what gifts to buy for our families. Budget is a major factor by the way. haha. but if i'd have it my way, i'll buy our parents his and hers watches, nice bags for my sisters, polos for my brothers and a modern furniture set for the newlyweds to go with their own little nest. ;) let me check again that budget sheet...

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

The one with a wedding once more

I'm sooo happy for jayson and skokie for finally tying the knot. I still can't believe that simon's youngest sister is now married.  I'm not used to the fact that she is now Mrs. Belesario. I'm so hyped for the two of them. Congrats and best wishes! I'll post a separate entry about their wedding plans and our decors done for their wedding.

They'll be staying at my in-laws' place in the meantime so there's not much to miss from them as i can still see them everytime we go there.  hahaha. :) But seriously, it's a practical move as they'd be able to save more and spare themselves from buying and installing their own meralco unit, moreso a Hansgrohe faucet for their water as they can always pitch in the bills' costs. :)

Love you guys! cant wait for you to have a baby! :)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The one with almost done

I'm so happy coz i'm almost done with our christmas shopping.  We I just have to buy gifts for our families and two or three for godsons and we're done.  I started a little early this year and i think it paid off.  I also maximize my time by buying gifts when i get the time to do it.

I'm able to maximize my EPS card now and i'm so happy that i don't have to bring that much cash anymore.  With the christmas season, there's a rising number of theft incidents.  In the US, would you believe that there's electronic pickpocketing already and only an rfid wallet can prevent any identity theft or electronic pickpocketing.  I wish we have that already here.

Happy shopping everyone! Be safe. :)

The one with backache

Terrible pain. I woke up this morning and can't even stand up without shouting from the pain.  It's still a wonder how i got it, but it seemed like it's a muscle cramp.  I forgot to use the comforter when i slept last night.  I even had a massage yesterday and did'nt even feel anything.  I actually felt relived especially when i had the steam bath, it was like an electric blanket that kept me warm.

I can't run.  I can't driver properly.  I hope this ends soon.  I need to be on my toes for Skokie's wedding on sunday!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The one with a new thing

I started a new exercise and tried if this may actually work for me.  I started running about three weeks ago with a once a week regimen with my parents.  I know they're not the best "enablers" for this one but I saw it more as a bonding time for us and for their physical fitness too. :) We tried UP Ikot and Marikina oval.  They found UP more for them as they have a breath of fresh air but concrete can be too hard on their knees as what my good friend naan mentioned so we may have to alternate it or better yet, they just walk on the grass, if it's allowed :)

My once a week led to more like twice a week now, with the other time of just me running jogging walking. I'm taking everything on a pace.  I don't wanna force myself just so i could tell everybody that i'm doing something new.  I wanted to make it a lifestyle and be proud of myself that something i just put on my wishlist years back is something that's turning into reality now :)

Wish me luck and i hope i'd be able to stick to this one!