Friday, May 04, 2012

The one with 32nd bday

The Husband's birthdays are always celebrated with effort.  It's an advantage that his birthday falls the day before labor day and he grew up with birthdays celebrated either on a beach or a swimming pool (in time for their yearly family outing).  So with that said, every year, i'm also a little pressured to throw him a party that he will sure to enjoy.  This year, we celebrated it three ways, haha.  One was the videoke night with church friends.  It was a joint celebration of Brian and Simon's birthdays. Second was our family outing with our parents where my dad also celebrated his 60th birthday.  And lastly, was our simple dinner with his family and my parents at Twittea (my brother in law's new milk tea shop). 

And now after the three-part celeb, i'm scared to weigh in the scales. I'm so sure I gained weight...Waaah!!!

Here are some pics from the videoke night since i already posted some vacation pics on my previous post:

 the birthday boys -- simon and brian

 pretty girls

 parang long-legged ako dito kung maka-cross leg ha. haha.

fun, fun!

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