Friday, May 04, 2012

The one with moving out

It was sudden.  After we got back from our vacation, I read a message from our ninang about someone buying the house already that we are currently renting here in golden city.  Oh my. that would mean finding a place to stay until the house we bought in Pasig is done and that's like 6 months leasing only which is a lease that most landlords won't agree with.

But luckily, we found a place in vista verde where the landlord agreed with our short-term lease. yey. So officially today, we they have started packing up and retained the things that we use often.  It's amazing how quick 3 people do it.  I mean, they swiped out our house and packed most of our things in one day.  haha. And i would not really dare take credit for it coz i have'nt really done anything yet. My mind is still with the parties for the weekend so i'm not so much thinking of where to place things just yet.  Maybe on sunday, after my event, i'll start helping out.

While I was watching them clean out our cabinet, i was surprised to see a lot of clothes that i'm not even aware of.  Like the discount scrubs i bought without knowing when and where i'd use it.  Several shoes i have not worn ever and more clothes i bought but have not been worn at all.  I know, i know, there's a term for my condition, haha. but when we move in to the house, i'd really sort things out and see what we can sell during our garage sale.  Maybe i'd be able to save for a cute purse. hahaha.

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