Thursday, May 17, 2012

The one with mother's day

I had to work during mother's day but good thing, we only had lunch parties that day.  I was so excited to finish my events and have the rest of the day to spend with my family.  After our events, I hurriedly went home and picked up Simone and my mom so we can go to church and attend service. 

It's nice to have a holiday just for the moms.  I mean, it's a good time to appreciate the mom that you are, your own mother and mom in law, your friends who are moms as well and just enjoy the blessing of motherhood.  I would love to be a mother of two kids but I know God will give it in His perfect time :)

Anyway, while trying to think of gifts for mom on her day, we just deided to hand them over a measly budget for any "me time" they can sneak into like a visit to the salon or a pair of nice shoes or a purse.  haha, notice the OR coz the budget can only afford them to purchase one item. hahaha. it's the thought that counts ;)

Happy mother's day everyone! Better late than never :)

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