Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The one with garage sale online

I have a new pasttime...selling and buying stuffs online.  I'm a member of n@w, it's a closed online group of wives and/or moms who basically share the same roles in life. We formed an online garage sale, that instead of doing a physical garage sale, we post everything we want to sell online, describe it, explain mode of payment.  The first to say "mine" gets the item. it's that simple.

As of this writing, I'm waiting for a Lacoste bag to be uploaded. hahaha. I hope I won't get admitted to a rehab program for this, like one of those California rehab centers. hahaha.

I hope I get to say "Mine" today. :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

The one with addl battery

Everytime i have a new phone, the one thing i would always find myself is looking for an extra battery.  It's a little frustrating when your battery fails you, even on a camera, a phone or any gadget for that matter.  Like during simone's moving up day, I was all set to take pictures only to find out that i wasn't able to charge the camera so after a few shots, the camera turned off by itself.  I should have bought a maha powerex mh-c9000 so i can enjoy longer life for our batteries. It also usually happens to my phone batteries and ipad. hmmm, i really need to find a way to make my gadget's battery life stay longer. :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The one with summer filled activities

I want to make Simone's summe uber fun this time. So i started by applying her here:

just fill up the application form, pay P550 as workshop fee, choose you schedule and that's it.  I chose April 8-12 for her, 1-3 pm schedule. She's excited already and wants to work immediately. hahaha. Good luch Mcdo!!!

I'm also interested in enrolling her to a painting workshop. So far, i have two choices, Sip and Gogh in Capitol Hills and Fernano Sena's workshop. I have both of their schedules already, just checking which one will be better for Simone.

And last week of April, we'll go back to Canyon Cove with our parents for some swimming and recreation time.

We're all excited!

The one with Kimberly Hotel

In an earlier post, I mentioned that we went here to have some quality time with the family.  We tagged along ate len so she'd have a breath of fresh air too. Then simon just googled playground in tagaytay and one of the top hits was Kimberly Hotel so we took a drive to the place. I got so excited to see the big playground and the organic farm, then the farm animals.  Simone had fun petting the rabbits, feeding them and the sheep, and i had fun buying potted herbs. The big playground was a big hit to all of us. hahaha. It has a small pool where you can dip as well.  In fairness, if i'd be chosen an intimate wedding venue in tagaytay, i'd probably choose this one.  it's really nice and still new, plus you won't see any arturo fuente cigars around as the place is a no smoking zone as well.

The one with music lessons

I'm really interested in enrolling Simone to music lessons this summer but i'm still contemplating if the timing is just right.  She just turned six last month and I'm not sure if this is the perfect time for some music lessons for her.  But when I told it to the husband, he said to just wait until she's more ready to choose what she wants.  It's better if the choice comes from her, to learn and study music.  But seeing her interest in it and her potential to learn makes me more willing to do my own little research when the right time comes for her.  So far, she tried playing around a piano, a flute, a ukelele.  She has'nt tried new Squier guitars coz im sure those are pricey but it would have been great to see her play a real guitar someday.

As a parent, i'll try my best to expose her to all the possibilities of learning or growth for her. Excited for more learning experiences for you baby!

The one with garage sale online

I'm soo happy coz i was able to declutter my wardrobe cabinet and earned almost 4,000.00 in a flash. yey! and almost all of these clothes are second hand, some were really used but still wearable, some were worn just once or twice.  I got so thrilled that from selling these second hand items, i was able to earn some shopping money. hahaha.

I love online shopping! Now, I want to do this every tuesday, to devote some time in posting items online in our n@w group.

The one with Simone's best bday gift

I'm so happy Simon bought a ukelele for Simone.  She's been loving music instruments lately so Simon decided to buy his daughter a small guitar.  When you ask her what birthday gifts she loved best, she would answer "daddy's gift to me...the small guitar." aaawww...and now, their bonding includes guitar playing and jamming.  It's not like the gibson es 335 guitar that he likes to buy for himself but at least it's something that Simone can start up with. :)

Happy playing baby. Now im thinking if it would be nice to enrol her to a music workshop. I'm torn!!!

The one with craft bonding with lola

While looking for materials to use for their arts and crafts, lola alma found some extra felt cloth.  She gave this to Simone and this is what they came up with. Cuteness!

The one with more financial plans

We're not rich people, we have dreams of a more financially stable life but of course, just to the best that we can do and achieve.  We dream of being able to help our families live more comfortable lives, help them to become more productive as well.  That's why when my mom in law's passion in sewing has opened Dresscode costumes, I really thought of pursuing a matching mom and daughter's biz for her too.  I can finance her business and maybe in time, we can be partners in this endeavor.  With my mom, I'll just support her with whatever plans she may have.  She's still thinking what to do so i'm just waiting what we can come up with.

I don't personally dream of living like the Gokongweis and the Ayalas, I dont need those china portion plates displayed on my shelf. I just want a more comfortable life.  Thank you Lord for the  blessings and for using us to be mediums of your blessings.

The one with financial investment

The husband would always ask me to take care of any financial plans that we want to try.  He admits that he's not very meticulous in familiarizing oneself on the details and benefits of financial investments, that's why, he lets me choose where to invest it.  

Recently, i've been interested in knowing more about annuity and its advantages.  I tried googling Learn More - AnnuityAdvantage.com and I found out that it's not that common here yet in Manila but learning more about it will be beneficial by knowing how many percent of interest you can get by each annuity plan.

I hope I'd get the hang of this and be able to keep up with the terms and process. 

The one with moving up

I still can't believe that Simone has finished her pre-school already.  She will be grade 1 this coming June already and I'm still having mixed emotions on how to handle this.  For me, she still looks like a little kid.  I don't feel like she's a grade schooler already.  But it may also be the fact that we're in denial (the husband and i), the reason why we still can't see Simone as a grader.

I also realized that six years passed just like a breeze and for another 6 years to pass as breezy as it did, oh my, she'd be 12 and i would'nt even know.

So cherish those moments while they're still clingy, while they still opt to sleep beside you and call you everytime they need to do something.

I love you Simone. You will always be my baby :)