Sunday, June 21, 2009

The one with cherishing the alone time

It's 1am, my babies are soundly asleep and i've been in front of the computer for several hours already and enjoying the alone time that i have! yahoo! ahehe. don't get me wrong, if you're a mom, im sure you know what i'm talking about. if you are'nt, well, mothers or anyone for that matter need some alone time too to just do the things he or she loves doing...and since i'm done checking emails from clients, i can now blog! more yey!

pero ano ba masasabi ko??? hmmm...not much...except that lately, i've been having some realizations and/or some food for the soul. here are some in random order and maybe, just maybe, it will be something to think about for you too:

~ The other day while driving, i stopped at a pedestrian and let an old woman passed. she was gray-haired, a little slow when she walked since she looked like she was at her late 70s. and as she was crossing, i noticed a teenage girl on the other side of the road waiting for her and that's when i realized that the lola was fetching her granddaughter (who i think is about 15y/o) from one side of the road just so she could cross the pedestrian! you see, the irony of it was i've always thought that when you're a senior already, you're the one who's supposed to be accompanied when crossing or something like that. and the situation made me realized that no matter how old we get, we will always look out for our children and our children's children. and even if they will be old enough to take care of themselves, we will always gather strength to volunteer in protecting and taking care of them. And it was a good realization. :)

~ I used to have pastries or crackers in the car so that i'd always have something to give when i see beggars on the streets. when i run out of this, i resort to giving money instead. One day, I gave a teenage boy some money and when he looked at how much i gave, he just shrugged and walked away. My initial reaction was, "what was that all about?!" and then i started blabbering at my husband about how "ingrato" people can be. And then he just bluntly said something that was like a stone thrown at my head. He said, "beh, when you give, you don't expect them to thank you. yun ang totoong giving". and right then and there, i shut up. as in, i was so ashamed of myself. you know, sometimes, we tend to forget to look at ourselves and we only focus on what we think are our best qualities without realizing that hey, if that person did'nt thank you, it's not your loss. God looks at your heart when you give. and i immediately said sorry for being the one who's "ingrato"

I hope these two stories of mine helped you reflect in any way :)

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