Monday, June 08, 2009

The one with less of a baby

Some recent pictures of Simone:look, she has a backpack with her na. waah! parang school girl talaga.

with mommy and daddy at the new eastwood mall.

hahaha, pose kung pose!

her signature pose. hehe. here she was modeling the bratz sticker she put on her dress, sa may chest. haha.

o diba, parang dalaga mag pose?!

i will forever be amazed on how she poses in front of the camera. as in super sanay talaga. winner! i know i'd make a fortune out of it soon, papa-VTR ko muna. hahaha, joke! but seriously, may potential diba?

Simone now is so grown-up. i know i say this always pero everyday, she has become less and less of a baby to me and more of a little girl na. hay. just recently, she asked my mom when she spilled the water, "oh no, what happened?" as in my mom was shocked on what she heard. para daw matanda na yung kumakausap sa kanya. hahaha. I'm amazed on Simone's super duper love for music. she can sing the whole day like what she did yesterday. she sang the ABC song the whole day, while playing, watching tv, drinking milk. hahaha. with the lines, "now you know your ABC..." kaaliw! but of course, some lines are still not that clear pero pwede na! hahaha.

When numbers are in front of her, she can count up to 30 but if asked to recite, up to 20 lang. ahehe. super cute when she says, se-Ven-teeen... (parang slow motion na ewan). she also likes puzzles. nagulat na lang kme when one day, she got a letter Q puzzle and the card puzzle with the word and image of a queen on it. tapos she was trying to connect the two. hay, big girl na talaga!

I'm practicing her association of words now. she can associate "Nestle" and say it if she sees the word as if reading it. (but she knows that nestle is chocolate to her. hehe) other words are "ball", and "dog". i'm taking it one step at a time, anyway, she'll be able to read din naman in no time so what's the rush. katuwa lang that she's so interested with reading and books and televisions too. hehehe.

She's still super mahinhin. as in super feminine. yesterday, we had balikbayans (my cousins) and super proud lang ako when my tita ninang told me that simone is super well-mannered daw and behaved. wala kasi syang girl na apo so sanay sa mga bruskong apo na boys. hahaha. kasi when my cousin gave her a glass of juice, simone instantly said, "ten-tyu tita" (thank you tita) o diba, im one proud mama. hahaha.

Kaya even if you're less of a baby now and becoming more and more of a little girl, (let's still add the word little huh, i can't stand pa the word "girl" lang e. hahaha) in my heart, you will always be my little baby.

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Apple said...

huwaw! big girl na nga sya.. inggit ako.. :)