Monday, June 08, 2009

The one with missing mode

I miss blogging! I really do. There are times that I'd have something really "worthy" to blog about but I won't be able to find the time for it. hay, sad. But I'm being positive that i'll be able to blog more this time. we're expecting our househelp to be back today from her one-month long vacation so that means i can have more time. yey! it was one heck of a challenging month for me: juggling events, mommyhood, keeping the house look sane and family time. grabe, it's as if every energy has been exhausted from me. but i don't complain. i can't complain. hehe, everything's good :)

For the past weeks too, i noticed that our wheatgrass products are really picking up. probably because the H1N1 virus has been rapidly influencing everyone to be health-conscious and one of the many ways they see is to cleanse the body with wheatgrass or Colonix. It will all boil down to cleanliness and proper hygiene i guess. And fervent prayer too that we will all be protected of the virus.

More posts and pictures soon! can't wait to blog again.

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