Sunday, June 21, 2009

The one with our friend's accident

Our friend, David (simon's college friend), met an accident while crossing the 6-lane highway in front of our village. The thing about that highway was that there were no street lights. as in nada! he was hit by a motorcycle which caused his knee to be cast with metal for life. we felt so sorry for him and at the same time angry at the government here in taytay. for goodness' sake, it's a main road and the whole stretch of the road, i think only 20% had lights (SM mall included but they have their own electricity source) I don't know how we'll be able to file a complaint against the government but he is set to report the incident to the police and it's a good thing he remembered the plate number of the motorbike (oh i did'nt mention that it was a hit and run incident?)

But we still thank God for sparing his life. we love you david.

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